Health, Fitness and Recreation Courses

Health, fitness and recreation courses for personal or professional development.

Learn about leisure services, management, nutrition, wellbeing and play. Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience. Flexible learning, supportive student services and tutors.

  • Advanced Aerobics

    Study at home to learn the science and biology of aerobic fitness, understand the heart and lungs and the exercise needed to maintain health in these organs; learning to plan and manage aerobic exercise classes or programs.
  • Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Recreation)

    Train as a recreation manager -a unique course teaches you equally about management, recreation services, and the real world application of this knowledge. Learn to work more effectively in the leisure industry.
  • Advanced Certificate in Event Management

    Learn skills that professional event managers need to plan, market & manage concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, parties, etc. Enhance business or employment success in the diverse & exciting events industry.
  • Advanced Certificate in Fitness & Recreation

    An extensive post secondary education study course providing a foundation in the science, management and life skills needed to excel in the fitness industry. Learn skills to support a career in fitness.
  • Advanced Certificate in Leisure Studies

    An intensive course for leisure managers and technicians. Learn to be a leisure industry professional. Acquire skills in marketing, management, research, teaching or technical aspects of the leisure industry.
  • Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health Management

    A broader foundation of study to keep employment opportunities wide and career sustainability strong. Work in food production, processing, retailing, food service or nutritional health; or across all of these.
  • Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

    Learn both nutritional science and food coaching as a career foundation, or for professional development. For those working in health or food industries: broaden your knowledge to enhance your work possibilities.
  • Advanced Certificate in Personal Training

    An extensive training program, to start a business or improve your career in the fitness industry. 1 year full time (2 p/t) for a depth and breadth of training well beyond the average gym instructor or fitness leader.
  • Aquafitness

    Training for fitness instructors, swim centre staff, rehabilitation professionals, sports coaches. Learn how deep water running, water aerobics, swimming can be the best low impact exercise to build overall fitness and performance.
  • Aromatherapy

    Learn aromatherapy practices - home study course, to understand the concept of aromatherapyand how different herbs are often used for aromatherapy.
  • Certificate In Nutritional Counselling

    Study human nutrition and food coaching to enhance and existing business or career prospects in advising people about what they eat. A foundation to work in a diverse variety of roles in the health, food or lifestyle industries.
  • Certificate In Recreation

    Study recreation an leisure to work as a recreation officer or leisure manager. 600 hours, flexible distance learning
  • Certificate in Youth Leadership

    600 hours - Study youth leadership by distance education to work as a youth leader in youth support and counselling; learning youth leadership skills and counselling techniques.
  • Child Development Certificate

    Learn about childhood development for use in a child care setting, teaching, childminding, nanny, and more. Study by distance education.
  • Children's Nutrition

    Discover the difference between adult and child nutrition, how to best meet a child's nutritional needs, and strategies to encourage healthy eating in children.
  • Elite Fitness Leaders Certificate

    600 hour fitness leader certificate -learn much more than other certificates; and be much better than other fitness leaders
  • Event Management

    Learn to plan, manage and review all kind of events such as sports, recreation activities, weddings, parties, festivals, conferences and concerts.
  • Fitness Leaders Certificate

    Becoming a fitness leader gives you the opportunity to change peoples' lives. However, STAYING in the industry means building client trust. Avoid injuring clients, and understand dietary requirements – start with this quality course.
  • Fitness Risk Management

    100 hour course to understand exercise safety, theory and practice, for fitness leaders, gym managers and sporting professionals
  • Health & Fitness I

    Study Health and Fitness at home and learn how wellbeing can be improved through physical exercise. Study as a stand alone program or as the first of three modules.
  • Health & Fitness II

    Could you confidently design and manage a fitness program? Learn how to carry out effective fitness testing techniques for your clients and customers to create safe and beneficial programs.
  • Health & Fitness III

    Improve your fitness management prospects from home; start a business or advance your career. Take your understanding of fitness testing and programing to another level with one-on-one guidance from your tutor.
  • Health & Wellbeing

    Learn about health and wellbeing so you can improve your life or to help others. Explore fitness, nutrition, stress management, preventative health and First Aid with one-on-one guidance from your tutor.
  • Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health)

    Learn how buildings can impact on human health from the materials used to build them and those used in furnishings, to the use of heating, ventilation and other systems. Find out how to make a building healthier to occupy.
  • Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health)

    Buildings affect human health and some buildings can cause significant problems for some people. Learn to help people improve their health by improving their environment. Focus on interior furnishings and surroundings rather than construction materials.
  • Human Nutrition I

    Improve your own health and help others by learning the science of food and nutrition. A great starting point for anyone wanting to work with people to discover the benefits of eating well. Study anytime, from anywhere.
  • Human Nutrition II

    Learn how to plan a better diet for yourself or to support others. Take the next step in your human nutrition journey from home for a career or job with food science.
  • Human Nutrition III

    Learn about nutritional disorders and food allergies with one-on-one guidance of your tutor. This is the third and final module in the trilogy of foundation nutrition modules. It is a stand-alone course and can be studied separately.
  • Leisure Facility Management I

    Study Leisure facility management at home - Become a leisure manager
  • Leisure Facility Management II

    100 hour course -Learn to manage and maintain both indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment, including swimming pools, locker rooms, buildings, gymnasiums, and sports turf.
  • Leisure Management 1 - Marketing

    Study leisure marketing. Learn how the management of PR, promotions, advertising, sales, sponsorship, customer service and engagement; can improve success for sporting clubs, fitness centres, recreational or entertainment services.
  • Leisure Management II - Human Resources

    Professional Development for leisure facility and service managers; develops skills to supervise and manage staff for better productivity and efficiency. Learn from experienced professionals.
  • Leisure Management III - Administration

    Learn financial management for the leisure, fitness or recreation industry. A standalone course or round out your skills with leisure marketing, human resources, Policy & procedures modules along with one-on-one guidance from your tutor.
  • Leisure Management IV - Policies & Procedures

    Study the planning and management of leisure services, facilities and programs at home to learn the politics, productivity and procedural aspects of being a leisure industry manager.
  • Medical Terminology

    100 hour course - Learning medical terms is the starting point for working in health services; or progressing to further studies that may lead to becoming a practitioner.
  • Nutrition for Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Course, Nutrition Courses. Study human nutrition and nutritional health for better weight management, & career or job with food science; learning nutrition by distance education, through online home nutrition study or a correspondence course.
  • Personal Energy Management

    Understand what makes people feel energized or tired -physically or mentally. Help yourself, or help others. A course for health and fitness professionals.
  • Personal Fitness

    Improve your personal fitness; understand your body, and it's needs for exercise, nutrition, psychological health and more. Be fitter, live better.
  • Play Leadership

    Study play, child care and play leadership for a career or job with children's development; learning play leadership by distance education, through online home study or a correspondence course, work in child care as a play leader
  • Recreation Leadership

    Recreation leadership practice and theory -100 hour self paced course. For professional development or to improve job opportunities.
  • Resistance Exercise

    Study resistance exercise, how to build strenght, the biology of muscles, the exercises for muscle building, and learn at home, at your own pace through open learning.
  • Specialist Award in Leisure Management

    Study leisure management by distance education and learn how to manage a swimming pool, sports ground, leisure centre, recreation facility or other leisure industry resource or program.
  • Specialist Award In Nutrition

    Nutritional Science School -Study human nutrition and nutritional health for a career or job with food science; learning nutrition by distance education, through online home study or a correspondence course.
  • Sports Coaching

    Learn to be a better sports coach - amateur or professional.
  • Sports Nutrition

    Learn about nutrition in sports to help better understand sports nutrition diet, nutrition for fitness, sports nutrition supplements, and the relationships between performance, health and food.
  • Sports Psychology

    Study the psychology of sports -100 hour, self paced home studies; for work or professional development.
  • Stress Management

    Learn to be healthier by managing stress better. Help others. Work in Fitness.
  • Therapeutic Nutrition

    Nutritional Science School -Study human nutrition and nutritional health for a career or job with food science; learning nutrition by distance education, through online home study or a correspondence course.
  • Weight Loss Consultant

    Study by distance education, how to loose weight; learning to understand weight gain, exercise, eating habits, genetic and psychological factors; and how to be a weight loss consultant