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Online courses are constantly being developed and updated according to the needs of our students and workplaces.  Check back here regularly to see what we ...

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Soft Skills

Soft Skills help people communicate better in their workplace, become better leaders and manage and improve relationships. Increase your chances of finding work...

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Gardening and Horticulture

If you want to work in the Horticulture and Garden Industry or if you are a passionate plant enthusiast, we have courses that will help you dig deeper and gain ...

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Agriculture and Farming Courses for gaining practical skills for a career in farming, working in agriculture or for hobby farm enthusiasts. Gain skills in Farm ...

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Business and Management

Business, management and marketing courses for professional development or for working in your own business.
Learn practical skills and fundamental business pr...

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Construction and Engineering

Construction and engineering courses for professional development or gaining some great skills for home renovations.
Courses offer practical, experience based ...

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Ecotourism and Adventure Activities

Ecotourism and adventure activity online courses for working in the ecotourism and tourism industry.
Gain practical experience based learning and understand wh...

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Education courses for working in education.
Gain practical experience based learning with our education and teaching courses, great for gaining fundamental ski...

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Environment and Wildlife

Environment and wildlife online courses for careers or for people passionate in the area wanting to develop their knowledge.
Courses offer practical experience...

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Equine online courses for working with horses professionally or for those passionate horse lovers.
Courses offer practical, experience- based learning and prov...

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Health Science

Health science courses to build your understanding of human health and wellbeing.
Gain skills and knowledge in health science for entry level to Professional D...

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Health, Fitness and Recreation

Health, fitness and recreation courses for personal or professional development.

Learn about leisure services, management, nutrition, wellbeing and play. Ga...

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Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism courses for personal and professional development.

Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience for working in hotel management, ...

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Information Technology

Information Technology is everywhere – maintain relevance in a fast-changing world with these study programs. Learn the fundamentals of IT in one of our o...

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Pet Care

Pet Care courses online for caring or working with animals.
Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience that cover a variety of pets – taught by anim...

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Online photography courses, flexible study options and payment plan available, photography courses can help boost your career.

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Practicals and Workshops

Practicals and Workshop programs for an opportunity to deepen practical experience and knowledge. Flexible learning suitable for professional development.

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Psychology and Counselling

Learn about human behaviour, psychology theory to gain practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in counselling, coaching, teaching, leadership, social ...

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Research underpins business and scientific advancement and these courses provide flexible options to improve your capacity to research; enhancing opportunities ...

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Scientific learning is critical to human advancement – those who understand and are connected to scientific advancements have an edge -in work and life. O...

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Writing and Journalism

Writing and journalism online courses for personal or professional development.
Learn to write, edit or publish or become a more effective communicator. Gain s...

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Learn the skills needed to build, maintain and renovate different types of properties - residential, commercial and other types of building construction.

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