Environment and Wildlife Courses

Environment and wildlife courses for careers or for people passionate in the area wanting to develop their knowledge.

Courses offer practical experience based learning and a unique opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in environmental or wildlife conservation, science and management. Entry level to Professional Development. Flexible learning, lots of study options and some great support from tutors across the world. From zookeeping to earth science and waste management to marine science.

  • Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management

    This course provides extensive professional training for environmental managers, consultants and assessors. Gain unique insights and skills relevant to the environmental industry.
  • Advanced Certificate in Environmental Studies

    Study practical and theoretical approaches to understanding the environment. Develop awareness of sustainability issues affecting animals and plants. Learn skills required for management roles or as an employee or subcontractor.
  • Advanced Certificate in Parks & Leisure (Environment)

    Professional training to a high level for parks or leisure industry managers. Learn the science, management and technical components that underpin a successful career for managers, technicians, consultants and other industry professionals.
  • Advanced Certificate in Wildlife Management

    Train to become a wildlife professional in this comprehensive online course. Learn to manage wildlife to work in animal care and conservation.
  • Advanced Certificate in Zoo Keeping

    Learn to manage captive animals - in zoos, wildlife reserves, parks, conservation, refuges or elsewhere. Study biology, behaviour, health care, and more.
  • Animal Welfare

    Learn how to assess and manage animal welfare and gain an understanding of animal protection, rescue and health services.
  • Carnivore Zoology

    Understand more about carnivorous animals and get a head start on your zoology career.
  • Certificate in Environmental Management

    Study environmental management, conservation, waste management, and more. This course is excellent for anyone wanting to start on their career pathway towards working in environmental management.
  • Certificate In Environmental Studies

    This is an excellent foundation course for understanding key environmental principles and issues. Learn about ecology, environmental assessment, wildlife management, environmental restoration, and more.
  • Certificate in Environmental Sustainability

    Learn how to reduce environmental degradation and repair damaged environments. Build a foundation that helps you develop your career, and improve the environment.
  • Certificate In Horticulture (Nature Park Management)

    Learn to work with plants, animals and natural environments - in conservation, rehabilitation or environmental protection. Train to manage reserves, zoos, wildlife parks and other natural areas.
  • Certificate in Marine Studies

    Study marine biology online. Learn about fish, crustaceans, marine mammals and other marine life; their environments, management and conservation.
  • Certificate in Natural Resource Management

    Study natural resource management online. Learn about nature park management, and choose from a variety of electives, including ecology, earth science, wildlife management, and ecotourism.
  • Certificate In Wildlife Management

    This course provides foundation knowledge & skills to people working or wishing to work in wildlife care and management.
  • Certificate in Zoo Keeping

    Zoo Keeping Courses - Flexible online learning. Train to be a Zoo Keeper with this unique distance learning course. 600 hours, payment plans available.
  • Climate Science

    Study climate science online. Learn about weather science, wind circulation patterns, climate classifications, climate changes, applications of climate science, and more.
  • Conservation and Environmental Management

    Study environmental issues and sustainability. Learn what is impacting the environment and how negative impacts can be better managed for improved conservation.
  • Earth Science

    Study earth science online. Learn about geology, soils, rocks, weather, oceans, water courses and more.
  • Environmental Assessment

    Learn how to conduct an environmental assessment and write an environmental report. Train to be a self-employed consultant or environmental assessor.
  • Environmental Studies

    Learn the foundations of environmental science and how to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Environmental Waste Management

    Study environmental waste management online. Learn how to minimise waste, improve waste disposal and reduce pollution.
  • Herpetology

    Study reptile and amphibian biology, behaviour and classification. You will also gain a greater understanding of relevant conservation issues affecting these fascinating creatures.
  • Introduction To Ecology

    Develop your understanding of environmental sustainability. Studying ecology underpins many career paths, from horticulture and agriculture to wildlife and environmental management.
  • Invertebrate Animals

    Study the anatomy, behaviour, taxonomy and physiology of microscopic through to larger animals - from worms and snails to arthropods and insects. Learn about invertebrate significance to human health and agriculture.
  • Marine Studies I

    Study marine science online. Learn about marine environments (reefs, shallow and deep water environments, etc), marine animals, and how human activity impacts marine ecosystems.
  • Marine Studies II

    This course builds on Marine studies I, extending your knowledge of marine organisms, particularly those that were not discussed thoroughly in Marine Studies I.
  • Nature Park Management I

    Learn about natural environments, and the management of zoos, wildlife parks and nature reserves. Develop an understanding of basic ecological principles, nature park design, soil management, plant maintenance and land rehabilitation.
  • Nature Park Management II

    This course builds on Nature Park Management I, but can be taken in its own right. It concentrates more on indigenous plants and using them to create natural, balanced ecosystems.
  • Ornithology

    Study ornithology online. Learn about the biology, anatomy, physiology and taxonomy of birds, and improve your ability to identify different birds.
  • Plant Ecology

    Learn about the principles of plant ecology. Apply that knowledge to horticulture and the cultivation of plants, and develop a new view on the plant world.
  • Primatology (Primate Animals)

    Learn about monkeys, apes and other primates. This comprehensive course will teach you all about the taxonomy, biology and management of primate animals both in captivity and the wild.
  • Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation)

    Develop an understanding of environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. Learn about plant selection and establishment, propagation and post-establishment management and control.
  • Vertebrate Zoology

    Learn about animals with backbones - how they are classified, and the characteristics of the various groups from fishes and reptiles to birds and mammals.
  • Water Conservation And Management

    Study water conservation and water management online. Learn how to better manage water resources for a sustainable and quality water supply, and for flood mitigation.
  • Wildlife Conservation

    Study wildlife conservation online. Learn how to conduct flora and fauna surveys; learn about wildlife conservation theory, habitat rehabilitation, and threatened species recovery.
  • Wildlife Management

    Learn to manage wildlife populations in the wild through conservation, habitat management, captive breeding, and more.
  • Zoo Keeping

    Do you have a passion for animal welfare and would like to work with animals as a Zoo Keeper? This course is a terrific introduction to working in zoos, safari parks, aquariums or wildlife sanctuaries.