Permaculture and Self Sufficiency Courses

Permaculture and self-sufficiency courses for sustainable living or professional development.

Gain skills and knowledge with practical experience with support in self-sufficiency and permaculture, we understand sustainable living and have been teaching it since the 70’s. Flexible learning, great support and lots of options.

  • Advanced Permaculture

    Study advanced permaculture by distance education. Experienced tutors will take you to the next level in becoming a permaculture professional in sustainable living.
  • Alternative Energy

    Learn about alternative energy systems, develop a plan for reducing energy usage, and learn how to build a self-sustaining house with a focus on alternative energy use.
  • Carpentry

    Learn how to make things from wood by gaining an understanding of carpentry theory and practice. Carry out repairs at home or build out of timber. Put theory into practice with practical projects included in the course.
  • Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health)

    This building biology course complements our Healthy Buildings I course but considers the impact of location, surroundings and interior finishes and materials on human health. Learn to protect occupants from the potential harm of indoor environments.
  • Mud Brick Construction

    Learn online to create a home, using mud bricks, build your own home, learn how to live in a mud brick home, the difference with mud brick homes is here; studying by distance education.
  • Organic Plant Culture

    100 hour organic plant culture course and benefit from ACS tutors' years of experience and numerous qualifications in this field. Study via distance education, from anywhere in the world.
  • Permaculture I

    Learn sustainability techniques and landscape design principles for creating property development that is productive and sustainable.
  • Permaculture III (Animals)

    Learn about selecting, managing and incorporating different animals into a permaculture system by studying animal husbandry, breed selection and principles of ecology related to permaculture.
  • Permaculture Systems

    An intensive foundation course in permaculture. Learn from highly experienced tutors about the different growing methods which underpin permaculture, natural systems which constitute ecology & zonal planning in permaculture systems.
  • Self Sufficiency II

    Learn to grow, process and use food to be more self sufficient -Save money, Eat healthier. Learn from experts with decades of experience in self sufficiency -We don't just teach it -we do it.