Business and Management Courses

Business, management and marketing courses for professional development or for working in your own business.

Learn practical skills and fundamental business process with our flexible learning skills that offer you a variety of options and lots of support from professionals who have many years’ experience. We have been business since 1979, we can help you develop your business skills.

  • Advanced Certificate in Management

    Management Certificate - skills are always in high demand - in private business and public institutions, sports, clubs and other organisations. Develop the knowledge and skills that you will need for a successful career in management.
  • Advanced Certificate in Sales & Marketing

    A course of study in sales, marketing and business through distance education. Learn skills which can be used across a range of workplaces to promote product or service awareness and enhance profitability.
  • Advertising and Promotions

    Learn advertising and promotions essentials for business improvement and profit. Understand how to reach and communicate more effectively with your target market.
  • Bookkeeping Foundations (Bookkeeping I)

    Gain vital business skills in bookkeeping. This course is ideal to establish great accounting practices ensuring the financial health of a business. Brush up on your skills or study to improve your work in an accounting or administrative department.
  • Business Coaching

    Become a Business Coach and learn how to help startups, SMEs and more achieve their full potential. Pass on your experience & knowledge to others.
  • Business Operations

    Understanding business operations is vital to ensure that you are across all of the business functions and that each business function runs smoothly.
  • Business Planning

    Learn to create an effective business plan, so you know what you will be doing in your business. This online course will help you ensure that you have sound business practices and contingencies in place in a written plan.
  • Business Storytelling

    Business Storytelling course- position your business using appropriate language understand effective copywriting, public relations, marketing communications or other business communication.
  • Business Studies

    Understand the essentials of business management so that you can make the best decisions for the business that you own or manage for a successful operation.
  • Certificate In Management

    Gain effective and essential management skills with a Certificate in Management. Understand the business functions so that you can undertake your role as a business manager effectively and successfully.
  • Certificate In Marketing

    Marketing is a weak point in most businesses - what you learn here can make a big difference to success in your own business or your employ-ability working for someone else.
  • Certificate In Personnel Management

    Productivity and profit in any workplace depends upon how the staff perform. Learn to better understand and manage people and you have a sill that can make a huge difference - for your employer - or for your own business success.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to start or grow a business with this course. Learn to assess opportunity, plan and manage risk to become successful
  • Event Management

    Learn to plan, create and manage events with access to the one-on-one guidance of your tutor, 5 days a week.
  • Financial (Money) Management

    Financial Management can be a minefield of confusion if you don't know what you're doing - but it's also a field of gold if you know where to look! Avoid many common mistakes, and learn the ropes from the experts. Take control of your finances.
  • Industrial Psychology

    Study Industrial Psychology and gain an understanding of the thought processes that take place in the minds of people at work - improve staff motivation and performance. Study for professional development.
  • Instructional Skills

    You may have much knowledge to impart, but if you lack the skill to impart your thoughts effectively, your instructing will fall on deaf ears. This course will teach you the tips and tricks needed to make you a sought after instructor.
  • Internet Marketing

    Learn about social media marketing, search engine optimisation, online advertising, selling techniques and how to engage with your online audience with the Internet Marketing short course.
  • Leadership

    Sharpen your leadership skills. Leadership skills are important. They allow a leader to effectively communicate with, and influence the actions of their followers. Train in leadership skills by distance learning. Start today.
  • Logistics

    Logistics management encompasses both problem solving and supply chain management.
  • Management

    Learn to manage businesses, people, money or resources. Understand the theories and practice that underpin modern management, to make better decisions and exercise effective control.
  • Managing Innovation

    Online course in Innovation Management will teach you how to transform ideas or products, adapting and producing goods or services that are better and more successful.
  • Marketing Foundations

    Learn sales, marketing, advertising and PR for business improvement and profit. Understand fundamental marketing from product knowledge, presentation and promotion to closing a sale and after sales service.
  • Marketing Psychology

    Understand the psychology of selling. Study consumer behaviour and think how your customer thinks. Discover how to raise visibility and succeed at marketing.
  • Marketing Systems

    Learn about the marketing world; the systems that operate locally, nationally and internationally. Make better decisions about how and where to market your products or services.
  • Motivation

    Understand what Motivates People in any area of life. Motivated people work better, live more satisfied lives and are generally healthier and happier. A 100 hour distance learning course.
  • Office Practices

    Learn the basics in administration work and how an office works - start your career the right way, or improve the running of your own office. Get to know more about how businesses operate and best practice for business administration.
  • Operations Management

    This Course provides essential knowledge on how businesses operate. A great overview of how business functions are interrelated, both to other competitors and the economic environment overall. Study from home, earn while you learn.
  • Personnel Management

    If you have a natural ability to relate well to people, add some serious knowledge to that and become an invaluable member of any business - the Personnel Manager. Learn the fundamentals of this highly rewarding position from the comfort of your own home.
  • Project Management

    Project Management skills are a vital component in many professions. Learn to manage projects with this 100 hour course in project management.
  • Sales Management

    Study this Sales Management course and learn the skills to build your company's profit and your own.
  • Sales Skills

    Learn sales: how to evaluate and motivate a potential customer, solving problems for them, opening and closing a sale, and much more.
  • Specialist Award in Business

    A specialist qualification in business; to build on prior studies and experience, allowing you to "fill the gaps" in your knowledge, and expand your career and business possibilities.
  • Starting A Small Business

    Start your own small business and know what you need to do to make sure that your business is a success with our Starting a Small Business course.
  • Strategic Management

    Learn to analyse the internal and external affects on an organisation or business, and implement appropriate short, medium and ling term strategies to reduce risk and optimise performance. Online Strategic Management Course.
  • Supervision

    Learn to supervise, direct and manage people at work - individuals or teams. Training for supervisors, foremen or leading hands; covering valuable skills for any level of management, in any industry.
  • Time Management

    Learn time management strategies and tools with this online course. Be more effective and efficient in business, work and your private life.