Please complete the below form and a tax invoice will be generated and emailed through for payment. Ebook Multiple User License is only available for Libraries and is to be purchased annually. $110 inc GST per ebook title will be charged on completion of this webform.

For any queries or assistance please contact our friendly team at studentservices@acs.edu.au

Ebook licence agreement terms and conditions

This loan Agreement is defined as the contract entered into between ACS Distance Education (the lender) and the applicant (licensee). It specifies the terms and conditions of the loan including the responsibilities of the licensee:

  • Upon payment of the annual fee of $100 (+taxes if applicable) per ebook, the licensee may loan the ebook or include the ebook on a learning platform under licence for the term of one year. Upon the anniversary of that contract, ACS will invoice the licensee for a further year for that ebook title. If the invoice is unpaid, the licensee must remove the ebook from where it is stored, and cease use of the ebook in any way.
  • The licensee may at any time choose to license more ebooks.
  • The ebook(s) under licence must not be re-sold or re-distributed outside the terms and conditions of this licence. ACS Distance Education retains ownership of the ebooks at all times.

Please note that additional terms may be applied depending on use. This will be finalised if required after application.

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