Health Coach Certificate

Become a Health Coach. Help others reach their health goals through better lifestyle and behaviour choices.

Course Code600
Fee CodeCT
Duration (approx)600 hours

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Lead yourself and others to greater health.

More and more people are seeking help to find better balance in their lives and guidance to greater wellbeing. If you are passionate about health, this opens up an opportunity to develop a health coaching practice that can change people's lives.
The natural therapies industry is a self regulated industry in most regions. This means it's more about the knowledge and skills you acquire and applying them in a reasonable and responsible manner. This course will allow students to work as a health coach and provide general nutrition advice, health education and motivation to support clients in achieving their wellbeing goals.


  • Those with life experience seeking to re-enter the workforce and make a difference in other people's lives.
  • Counsellors, personal trainers, massage therapists, teachers, life coaches, nurses and other health professionals looking to broaden and develop their skills.
  • People with a passion for wellbeing.



Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Health Coach Certificate.
 Health & Wellbeing VRE102
 Human Nutrition I BRE102
 Human Nutrition II BRE202
 Human Nutrition III BRE302
 Life Coaching BPS305
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 1 of the following 17 modules.
 Aromatherapy VHT104
 Counselling Skills I BPS109
 Food Coaching VRE110
 Health & Fitness I BRE101
 Motivation VBS111
 Sports Coaching VRE109
 Stress Management VPS100
 Creative Therapies BPS219
 Health & Fitness II BRE201
 Medicinal Herbs BHT227
 Relationships & Communication Counselling BPS208
 Therapeutic Nutrition BRE211
 Health & Fitness III BRE301
 Horticultural Therapy BHT341
 Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301
 Sports Nutrition BRE303
 Weight Loss Consultant BRE307

Note that each module in the Health Coach Certificate is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


Knowing about health and coaching is only part of being a good health coach. To do the job properly also involves adhering to appropriate standards.

Any profession in which someone deals with the health and wellbeing has to have a code which sets out standards or guidelines.

Codes emphasise legal and ethical requirements to practice with a level of care and diligence. Anyone working in the food coaching field should have a good sense of legal responsibilities and ethics which relate to this industry. 

Professional standards are primarily there to protect the public from unscrupulous practitioners. But they also exist to ensure that professionals take it upon themselves to improve the service they offer through continuing education, self-monitoring, supervision, and so forth.  If you offer a service, you owe it to your clients to offer the best service you can. In doing so, not only will you be better able to ensure their satisfaction, but you will be able to build a better reputation for yourself. 

A Code of Ethics

As a practicing coach it is up to the individual to acquaint themselves with the ethical decisions of their member organisation and the state or jurisdiction in which they reside.  It is ignorant not to do so.

Codes of ethics educate the public and the practitioners about what is acceptable within the profession.  They also define accountability and protect the clients from unethical practices.  These codes also provide a means for self-monitoring and hence improving one’s professional practice.  Professional ethics can be divided into:

  • Mandatory ethics – the level of ethical functioning that conforms to the minimum standards required by the profession
  • Aspirational ethics – striving to attain the highest standards.

A dedicated professional will strive at all times to achieve the highest standards rather than minimum acceptable standards.


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