Nursery and Propagation Courses

Nursery and plant propagation courses for a career working in plant production and nursery operations.

Gain skills and knowledge with practical experience in the nursery industry ideal for entry level to professional development. Garden Centre, Production Nursery and Plant Propagation with flexible learning, lots of choice and great support.

  • Advanced Certificate in Horticulture (Propagation)

    A comprehensive course which covers all aspects of growing plants from seeds to cuttings, budding and grafting. Learn about different growing techniques and apply what you learn to your own business or towards a managerial career in the nursery industry.
  • Cutting Propagation

    100 hour course, hardwood, semi hardwood, softwood, leaf, root cutting techniques -practice and theory. For career development or business improvement.
  • Garden Centre Management

    Learn to manage a successful garden centre! Whilst this course is primarily aimed at garden centre staff, it is also relevant to nursery staff, especially retail nurseries, and garden shops.
  • Nursery Hands Course

    Learn to manage plants in a florist, garden centre or production nursery -100 hour training for nursery assistants, nurserymen or gardeners
  • Nursery Sales Assistant

    Train to be a nursery retail sales assistant in garden centres and plant production nurseries; for better selling by correspondence study.
  • Plant Breeding

    Learn Plant Breeding and become a plant breeder by studying Horticulture and plant breeding by distance education or through an online course with Australian Horticultural Correspondence Schools.
  • Propagation I

    Learn to propagate plants from seed, cuttings, grafting and more. Start a business, get a job, build a career. 100 hour online course.
  • Seed Propagation

    For Nursery Professionals and nursery workers; Seed company staff, plant breeders; Environmental or revegetation officers; Anyone else interested in developing a deeper understanding of seed propagation.
  • Tissue Culture

    Propagate plants with tissue culture - foundation for starting tissue culturing; professional development for horticulturists
  • Wholesale Nursery Management

    Study at home to manage a wholesale nurersy, wholesale nursery stock, production nursery, tube stock, cutting production, establishing a wholesale nursery