Learning Methods

Methods of learning with ACS Distance Education

ACS Distance Education offers three different learning methods:


eLearning (via USB)

Correspondence (printed paper-based)

All students receive online access to their course materials through the ACS Student Portal. In addition, students can elect to also receive their course either via USB that is posted to them (eLearning), or via printed paper-based notes (Correspondence). Extra fees apply.



Online courses are accessed through the ACS online student portal. The course materials you receive include Lesson Notes, interactive Self-Assessment Tests (SATs) which reinforce your learning or identify potential weak areas in your knowledge as well as Assignments which need to be submitted through the online student portal. Course Materials are in PDF format and can be downloaded and/or printed.


To see how the online training system works for our students watch our Course Demo HERE 



Similar to our online courses, except all course materials are mailed to students on a USB in addition of being able to access your course through the online student portal. Assignment submission is through the online assignment submission system.


There is an extra charge for this mode of training . Check the course page you are interested in for exact amount.


The course materials are printed, bound, and posted to students. The Self-Assessment Tests (SATs) are instead printed as a series of questions at the end of an assignment, then followed by printed answer sheets. This method is slightly more expensive than studying online; but for those who prefer to work with printed notes, it may be the preferred option. Students still have access to the online student portal and can submit their assignments online or post them if internet access is unavailable.


There is an extra charge for this mode of training . Check the course page you are interested in for exact amount. 

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