Plant Varieties Courses

Plant variety courses for careers or special interests in horticulture. Become an expert on your favourite plant.

Gain skills and knowledge in a plant variety with practical experience. Our courses offer variety, flexible options with support from expert plantsmen, botanists and professional horticulturists

  • Acacias

    Become an Acacia Expert -learn to identify, grow and use Acacias; for landscping, soil rehabilitation-even food.
  • African Violets

    Learn about African Violets and other Gesneriads - Home Study - Develop a career, follow a passion.
  • Australian Native Ferns

    Australian Native Ferns. Learn more about this fascinating area of the plant kingdom. Study from home and at your own pace. Suitable for amateur enthusiastic and commercial grows or those students who want to know more about Australian plants.
  • Australian Natives I

    Learn about Australian indigenous plants, their identification and culture - trees, acacias, grevilleas, mytaceous plants, ground covers and more; as well as commercial uses - elearning course.
  • Australian Natives II

    Study Australian native plants: learn about ground covers, climbers, creepers, native shrubs, how to identify and grow native Australian plants, by distance education or online. Become an Australian native plant expert.
  • Azaleas & Rhododendrons

    Learn to identify and grow azaleas and rhododendrons; vireyas, mollis, trees, shrubs, etc - for career or follow your passion.
  • Bonsai

    Learn to create different styles of bonsai. Choose suitable plants, train and maintain them to produce a work of living art. An in-depth course for passionate amateurs or professional gardeners and nurserymen.
  • Bush Tucker Plants

    Learn about edible Australian native plants: how to identify, grow and use them. Covers a huge range of edibles including roots, berries, nuts, flowers and vegetables.
  • Carnivorous Plants

    Learn to identify, propagate, grow and use carnivorous plants - work with them, or follow your passion.
  • Certificate in Plantsmanship

    Become a professional plantsman; training as a horticulturists, nurserymen, environmental managers. Unique in depth course for skills that set you apart among the most valued in your profession.
  • Conifers

    Learn about growing conifers with this online course. Understand more about how conifers are classified and how you would use this tree in landscaping for a unique garden style.
  • Eucalypts

    Eucalyptus VHT117. Learn about Eucalyptus: their identification, culture (propagation, soils, landscape uses, feeding), and uses. Study by distance education with ACS.
  • Ferns

    Learn all about ferns! Understand how to identify, propagate and grow ferns. A course for nurserymen, gardeners, landscapers and other horticultural professionals; or for the amateur enthusiast exploring their passion for ferns.
  • Fuchsias

    Study fuchsias by distance education. Learn about hundreds of species, cultivars and hybrids: as a nurseryman, gardener, plant breeder, collector or someone starting a career or business.
  • Growing Annuals

    Learn how to identify, grow and use annual plants. A useful course for passionate home gardeners or professional horticulturists.
  • Growing Camellias

    Study camellias (eg. japonicas, sasanquas, reticulatas), their special characteristics, and their culture. Also covers soils, feeding, watering, pruning, planting methods, pest & disease control, propagation, & more.
  • Growing Carnations

    Study carnations by distance learning - Learn about Dianthus species, cultivars and hybrids; growing them as cut flowers or landscape plants : for work, business or hobby.
  • Growing Grevilleas

    Growing Grevilleas, Growing these Proteaceae shrub, ground cover and tree plantsBecome an expert on Grevilleas. This course provides a thorough grounding in identifying, growing and using grevilleas.
  • Growing Iris

    Learn all about growing iris for cut flowers, grow as garden or container plants -Become an Irise Expert -for work, career, business or just a passion.
  • Orchid Culture

    Learn to identify and grow a wide range of orchids. Online orchid course with 100 hours of self paced study
  • Palms & Cycads

    Learn all about growing palms and cycads in this 100 hour distance education course tutored by horticultural experts.
  • Pelargoniums and Geraniums

    Study Geraniums and Pelargoniums at home. 100 hour course enthusiasts and horticulturists. Developed by John Mason author of Geraniums & Pelargoniums.
  • Perennials

    Learn to grow perennial plants, identify and select the best cultivars, design perennial gardens and more, studying from home
  • Proteas

    Learn to identify, propagate and cultivate proteas and some of their relatives - as garden plants or cut flowers. For passionate gardeners or professional horticulturists.
  • Roses

    Identify, propagate, grow lots of different roses -run aq rose farm, rose nursery or create rose gardens. -everything about roses in one course for the rose enthusiast.
  • Tropical Plants

    Learn all you need to know about tropical plants with this 100 hour distance education course tutored by experienced and qualified horticulturists.