Science Courses

Scientific learning is critical to human advancement – those who understand and are connected to scientific advancements have an edge -in work and life. Our courses offer opportunities to learn at a level and depth not commonly found outside of university. Flexible, experience based learning. Entry to Professional Development.

  • Advanced Certificate In Applied Animal Science

    Learn the biology, taxonomy, anatomy and physiology of wildlife, pets and farm animals. Understand the relevance and applications for science with animal management in industry.
  • Advanced Certificate In Applied Plant Science

    Learn to work with plants in horticulture, environmental management, forestry or science. Understand the science that underpins modern plant based industries, as a foundation for successful employment.
  • Anatomy II (Human)

    Distance education course on human anatomy, learning the physical structure of the human body, studying things such as the renal system, Integumentary, Nervous, Endocrine, Immune; integumentary System - skin anatomy, Nervous System and more
  • Biochemistry I (Animal and Human)

    Chemistry and Biology School -Study biochemistry for a career or job with life sciences; learning biochemistry by distance education, through online home study or a biochemistry correspondence course.
  • Biochemistry I (Plants)

    Chemistry and Biology School -Study biochemistry for a career or job with life sciences; learning biochemistry by distance education, through online home study or a biochemistry correspondence course.
  • Biochemistry II (Plant & Animal)

    Biochemistry, chemistry and biology distance education - study biochemistry for a career in life sciences; learn biochemistry by distance education, online home study
  • Biochemistry III (Animal Processes)

    Learn animal biochemistry - biochemical reactions in the physiology of animals through open learning, distance education
  • Biochemistry III (Plant Processes)

    Biochemistry III (Plant Processes) BSC302. Study biochemistry at home or online with ACS, by distance education to understand the chemistry of plants.
  • Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB)

    Professional development training for fitness and health professionals. Learn more about how the body acquires, processes and uses energy for better fitness, sporting and work performance and overall health.
  • Botany I (Plant Physiology And Taxonomy)

    Learn about plant physiology and taxonomy. A great course for anyone working with plants, including horticulturalists, agriculturalists, environmental managers and plant scientists.
  • Botany II (Plant Growth and Development)

    Biological Science Botany School -Study botanical science for a career or job with plants; learning botany by distance education, through online home study or a botany correspondence course.
  • Cardiorespiratory Performance (Human Biology III)

    Learn cardio respiratory health and biology- studying the heart and vascular biology. Gain better understanding for sports performance- a great course for sports coaches or health professionals.
  • Cell Biology

    Study cell biology by distance education, learning the physiology and anatomy of living cells, studying genetics, tissues, nulcleus, cytoplasm and more.
  • Certificate In Applied Science

    This certificate in applied science, with options to select a specialisation (plant, animal, environmental or health), is an excellent tool for people wishing to work or working in science related jobs without formal qualifications.
  • Certificate in Plant Science

    This course provides a broad understanding of how plants function and grow, covering botany, ecology and pathology. It also builds on your ability to solve problems, communicate and adapt your career wherever you find work.
  • Climate Science

    Learn how climate functions to better understand weather conditions and patterns. A useful course for farmers, environmentalists, land managers, and a foundation for work in meteorology, and other physical sciences.
  • Electronics

    Learn the theory and applications for electronics - a foundation for working with electrical systems from battery operated devices and computers to audio visual equipment and more.
  • Engineering I - Machinery & Equipment

    Study mechanics at home, study power tools and equipment, tractors, lawn mowers, learning how they are built, machine servicing, all by distance education.
  • Engineering II - Engineering Applications

    Study engineering applications and solutions from home, learning surveying, drainage, earth moving, environmental control in greenhouses, mechanical applications; all learnt by distance education.
  • Environmental Chemistry

    Environmental Chemistry will help you understand the impact that chemicals will have on ecosystems and the overall environment.
  • Genetics

    Study Genetics -build a foundation for the future. Genetics is the future in horticulture, agriculture, health science and environmental management.
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A)

    Study human biology at home in a human anatomy and physiology foundation course to work in physical education, medicine, health science or fitness -distance education course.
  • Medical Terminology

    Study medical language at home to understand the structure of medical terms, learning by distance education to work as a medical administrator, medical secretary or allied health worker.
  • Microbiology

    Understanding microbiology with a self paced course. Learn about bacteria, viruses and immunology
  • Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II)

    Professional development training for fitness, sports, physical education or health professionals. Gain a better understanding of the human muscular system, how we move and how strength and performance can be improved.
  • Physics

    Study physics at home by distance education to understand physical sciences and study or work in physics or engineering.
  • Physiology II (Human)

    Study human physiology for applied health science, medicine, or fitness; learning by distance education, about Menbrane transport, Cellular metabolism, Cellular energy production, Homeostasis, Temperature control , Glycolysis and more
  • Plant Ecology

    Biology and Botany School -Study botanical science for a career or job with plants; learning botany by distance education, through online home study or a plant ecology correspondence course.
  • Proficiency Award 3 in Applied Plant Sciences

    Understand the chemistry, anatomy and physiology of plants as a foundation to work with plant sciences -as a botanist or plant entrepreneur
  • Proficiency Award 3 In Applied Science

    Study at home to work in science as an assistant, businessman, technologist, inventor, teacher, consultant or writer; learning about applied physical and biological sciences by distance education.
  • Soil and Water Chemistry

    Learn the chemistry of soils and water and applications in agriculture, health and environmental management.
  • Statistics

    Home study course in statistics and statistical methods, learning data collection and processing, determining trends, calculations, distributions central tendancy, all studied at home.
  • Vertebrate Zoology

    Study Zoological Science and animal biology by distance education through this online course or a correspondence course, learning the taxonomy and classification of birds, reptiles and mammals, their anatomy and physiology.