Pet Care Courses

Pet Care courses for caring or working with animals.

Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience that cover a variety of pets – taught by animal scientists and veterinary experts. Flexible learning for personal or professional development.

  • Advanced Certificate in Animal Management (Pets)

    This course in exceptional and unique in the quantity and quality of what you learn about working with pets. Gain an extensive foundation for a business or career in the pet industry. Learn all aspects of animal management and health.
  • Advanced Certificate in Pet Industry Management

    Develop a career or business working with animals in breeding and supplying pets, or supplying services or products to pet owners. One of the most extensive education courses for a career in the pet industry short of being a veterinarian.
  • Animal Behaviour

    Learn about animal psychology: conditioning, innate behaviour and survival. A foundation for working with pets, livestock or wildlife -or managing your own animals.
  • Animal Diseases

    Understand the diagnosis of animal illness including common diseases. Learn to examine sick animals, and understand how diagnostic procedures are applied for determining diseases.
  • Animal Grooming

    With more pet ownership than ever before, there has never been a better time to get into the animal grooming industry. Whether you wish to start your own business or gain employment as a groomer, this course is a great first step along that path.
  • Animal Health Care

    Study the care for health management of animals; pets, wildlife and domesticated farm animals; to work as a veterinary nurse, in an animal shelter or veterinary surgery.
  • Animal Welfare

    Developed in response to industry demand, an animal welfare course where you will learn the about the theory and practice of animal welfare - wildlife, pets, farm animals.
  • Aquarium Management

    Learn about Aquariums. Study Freshwater, Tropical & Marine Fish Tank Management. Develop skills to work in a commercial aquarium, zoo or marine conservation.
  • Cat Psychology and Training

    Animal Psychology home study course. Understand cat psychology and apply that knowledge to manage and influence the behaviour of your cats.
  • Certificate in Animal Psychology

    A foundation for better management of pets, livestock or wild animals, to benefit anyone working with animals. Are you interested in training animals? Would you like to learn the principles of psychology and animal behaviour?
  • Certificate in Companion Animal Studies

    A broad foundation certificate in pet care to optimise the scope of study preparing you to work with dogs, cats, birds, fish or any other pets; in pet shops, shelters, animal hospitals, with breeders, groomers or other services.
  • Dog Care

    A practical program to take you through all general aspects dog care. You will learn the science of dog care as you learn about anatomy, physiology, nutrition and heath.
  • Dog Psychology and Training

    This course is for anyone working with dogs. This course will help you develop your understanding of canine psychology and how to apply it to dog handling.
  • Domestic Cat Care

    Learn about caring for cats. A serious foundation for anyone working in the pet industry; or for passionate cat owners.
  • Pet Care

    A broad foundation course for pet shop staff, breeders or animal lovers to understand the options and match the best pet for the situation, then effectively care for that animal.
  • Poultry

    Distance education study course in poultry management, studying and learning poultry breeds, feed, poultry diseases, layers, broilers, incubation, brooding, record keeping for amateur and commercial poultry chicken farming.
  • Specialist Award in Animal Care

    Become a Professional Animal Carer through Distance Learning. If you already know your discipline and industry, you have a head start on being a successful animal care specialist. This course is designed to "top up" the skills you already have.