Hydroponics Courses

Hydroponics courses for professionals or special interest hobbyists.

Hydroponic courses offered since the 70s. John Mason, principal, author of best selling book- Commercial Hydroponics. Very practical experience based courses with great support by leading horticulturists, flexibility and study choices.

  • Aquaponic Production

    Study aquaponic farming to grow fish and vegetables together, in an urban farm, rural farm or home garden; learning about aquaculture and hydroponics with self paced distance education at home.
  • Certificate In Hydroponics

    Hydroponics Certificate: 600 hour course - train for a business or career in htdroponic farming, supplies or services. Expert tutors led by John Mason, author of the best selling book, Commercial Hydroponics
  • Home Hydroponics

    Study hydroponics at home, learning by distance education nutrient film technique, aggregate culture and gravel culture of vegetables, fruit, cut flowers and indoor plants, with hydroponic gardening techniques..
  • Hydroponics I

    Learn hydroponic gardening and hydroponic farming by online study or with a correspondence course.
  • Hydroponics III

    Learn to manage hydroponic systems and equipment; compare different options (including organic hydroponics, with tuition from experts incl. Dr Lyn Morgan and John Mason, author of Commercial Hydroponics.