Information Technology Courses

Information Technology is everywhere – maintain relevance in a fast-changing world with these study programs. Learn the fundamentals of IT – but in depth. Flexible learning for professional or personal development.

  • Advanced Certificate in E-commerce

    Professional online course. Learn to use electronic technology for marketing. Build skills and a capacity to adapt to change. Professional development for anyone working is sales, marketing or IT.
  • Advanced Certificate in IT Management

    A broad-based course to widen employment options, adding to long-term career sustainability. Substantial, in-depth training for IT professionals who have not decided on which sector of IT they aim to work in.
  • Advanced Certificate in IT Programming

    A comprehensive IT course which covers hardware and programming. Acquire a foundation for a lifetime career or business. The course is designed to allow you to adapt to rapid change in a fast moving industry.
  • Advanced Certificate in Web Site Development

    Learning to develop a web site is only half of this course - business & management are the rest. Without the complete package you're chances of career success are very limited.

    Learn ASP.Net from our team of practicing programmers - this is one of the main languages used for programming web sites
  • Certificate In Electronic Journalism

    Learn both I.T and Journalism - a foundation to be a self employed electronic journalist, editor or publisher.
  • Certificate In Information Technology

    600 hour foundation course for career advancement in any industry; start an IT business or improve job opportunities.
  • Certificate In Web Site Development

    Learn to develop web sites from people who have been doing it for years. 600 hour course developed and taught by programmers and marketing professionals with decades of experience.
  • Computer Operations

    Computer Science Distance Education School; offers courses in information technology for IT careers, professional development or starting a computer business; for home study either online or with a correspondence course.
  • Computer Servicing I

    Become a computer technician. Learn to repair and service computers including laptops. Gain employable skills, earn money. This course suits the beginner with limited understanding of the inside of a computer.
  • Computer Servicing II

    Learn about hardware and fault analysis. A computer servicing course for someone who already has a little knowledge or experience, but needs to bring that understanding of hardware to the next level.
  • Computer Servicing III

    Learn to repair and service personal computers. Start a business, get a job, develop your professional knowledge. A more involved computer servicing course that builds on Computer Servicing I & II.
  • Computer Studies I

    Computer Science Distance Education School; offers courses in information technology for IT careers, professional development or starting a computer business; for home study either online or with a correspondence course.
  • Cyber Security

    Understand Cyber Security, types of threats resulting in cyber attacks, and defence mechanisms available.
  • E Commerce

    Learn about electronic marketing; 100 hour course - 100 hour self paced course for career or business development.
  • Flash CS

    Learn Flash CS - home study, online. Gain skills in making multimedia files and animations. Use flash editor, text, images, animation, movies, audio, components, publishing and more.
  • Graphic Design

    Working as a graphic designer involves more than art; it requires time management, communication skills, and technical expertise. This course will provide a great foundation to help you express your client’s visions.
  • Html (Writing a Website)

    LEARN HTML by home study online or correspondence. Learn the essentials of how to create a website from coding to navigation, introductory CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and much more.
  • Information Security

    Learn to make your information technology more secure
  • Javascript

    Javascript Home Study Course. Learn this essential language from home, Javascript is the language to make your website come alive. Imagine your website dynamic!
  • Networking Foundations

    Learn about computer networking = 100 hour distance learning course
  • Photoshop CS - Beginner To Medium Level

    Learn to use layers, tools palette, file types, filters, styles, print and web image production and much more.
  • Specialist Award In Computer Servicing

    500 hour course - learn theory and practice as a foundation to work or improve career opportunities in computer repair and servicing.
  • SQL For The Web

    100 hour online SQL Database course developed and taught by practicing & uni trained programmers, with decades of experience
  • Visual Basic.Net

    LEARN VB.NET by homestudy online. This excellent course provides a comprehensive introduction to Visual Basic.NET covering all major aspects of the language.