Turf Courses

Turf courses for your career working with turf. Learn turf science and technology.

Courses with practical experience for working with sportsgrounds, golf courses, parks, greens, commercial, residential turf and understanding varieties of grass. Great support, flexible learning and lots of study options.

  • Advanced Certificate in Turf Care

    Study turf management and green keeping online. An advanced level turf care course developed and taught by turf and horticulture professionals with decades of experience. Outstanding training for career or business opportunities.
  • Certificate in Horticulture (Turf)

    A solid foundation in turf management. Learn about turf care, maintenance techniques and turf preparation for sports. An ideal course to develop skills needed to be a green keeper or turf professional. Start your own lawn care business.
  • Sports Turf Management

    Study sports turf management and green keeping online. Explore different techniques for managing sports turf grasses such as drainage, cultivation, mowing, weeding & feeding of refined turf. Find out how to plan a sports turf maintenance program.
  • Turf Care

    Extend your business or career opportunities in the turf industry. Learn to establish and manage lawns: A great starting point to become knowlegeable and apply it to small, large, private, public or commercial lawns.
  • Turf Grasses

    The Turf Grasses course will help you understand different turf species and cultivars relevant to all turf situations: sports turf, amenity turf and residential turf.
  • Turf Repair And Renovation

    Study turf repair online. Learn how to improve damaged turf, repair degraded lawns & re-establish quality turf. Learn to recognise symptoms of poor turf health, carry out inspections, and perform operations to maintain turf longevity.