Professional Horticulture Courses

Horticulture qualifications for a career in horticulture.

Gain skills and knowledge in horticulture with practical experience based courses supported by leading horticulture professionals. We provide more study choices, flexibility and great service.

  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Horticulture

    Learn the plant identification and culture skills needed to run a business or build a career in horticulture. Excellent starting point for school leavers or career changers, seeking to become a horticulture professional.
  • Advanced Certificate in Horticultural Management

    Learn to be a horticultural manager! A greater breadth and depth of study than most colleges, covering science, management & all horticulture sectors, for a sustainable high level career in horticulture.
  • Advanced Certificate in Horticultural Science

    Substantial training to work in roles requiring the application of science in horticulture, such as botanic gardens or crop growing. Suitable for those in the industry seeking professional development or school leavers with a passion for plant science.
  • Advanced Certificate in Horticulture

    Training for horticulture supervisors or managers - A mix of both horticulture and management modules gives you skills to do horticultural work and knowledge to manage the work for productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Certificate in Professional Horticulture

    Learn the application of horticulture across both the garden and crop sectors. Identify 2,000+ plants, and understand techniques and science needed for a sustainable and diverse professional career or business.
  • Certificate in Horticulture

    A certificate with ultimate depth and flexibility, like no other. Half of the course: a grounding in techniques, science and plant knowledge underpinning all industry sectors; then half gives you specialised training in your chosen sector.
  • Certificate in Horticulture (Grounds Management)

    Learn to manage gardens and landscapes - This course prepares you for work as a groundsman, in schoolgrounds, sports grounds, gardens, parks and on commercial properties. 600 hours of extensive training
  • Certificate in Horticulture (Plant Protection)

    Study horticulture, plant health care and plant protection methods for a career, or business in plant care, garden maintenance or pest management. 600 hour, extensive training course
  • Foundation Certificate in Horticulture

    A fast track to start working in horticulture - shorter than other certificates, but still covering all the most important things to identify and grow a wide variety of plants, in gardens, on farms or in any other horticultural context.
  • Specialist Award in Horticulture

    Specialist or professional development qualification, to build on an existing foundation (study or experience); building specialised knowledge within a chosen sector of horticulture.