Photography Courses

Online photography courses, flexible study options and payment plan available, photography courses can help boost your career.

  • Advanced Certificate in Media Studies

    An extensive and broad-based training in practice and theory for media industry. This course provides a foundation for working with electronic or print media - images, writing, and more.
  • Certificate in Photography

    Professional training in photography. Learn how to do business in the photo industry. Improve your technical skills in taking photos, selling supplies and processing photos.
  • Digital Photography

    Learn how to take photographs using a digital camera. Gain knowledge on equipment, computer specifications, editing software, photographic composition, and more.
  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design skills and knowledge are essential for anyone who works in marketing and business. Learn what you will need to know about designing business and advertising documentation and displays.
  • Hobby Photography

    Learn the tools of taking a good photograph. In this online course you will learn how to use a camera, the effect of light, photographic technique and how to improve your style.
  • Introduction To Photography

    Study online the basics of film and digital photography. Learn how images are captured, how to use photographic equipment, processing and developing camera film.
  • Landscape Photography

    Study the principles of landscape photography online. Learn how to create effects and develop your style photographing natural landscapes, streetscapes and water.
  • Photographic Lighting

    Learn how to use light in photography. Gain an understanding of sensiometry, sources of light, filters, manipulating light and how they influence the image.
  • Photographic Portfolio

    Learn how to plan and choose appropriate photos for a purpose. Learn about the composition and presentation of photos and how to make a portfolio for a job or presentation.
  • Photographic Practice

    Study the techniques used for photographing people and landscapes, using black and white, sports photography, illustrative photography and images for publishing.
  • Photographic Technology

    Be able to take a good photo and identify problems by learning online about image formation, lighting, lenses, filters, colour and sensitometry. For film and digital.
  • Photographing People

    Learn the techniques for photographing people. Develop your understanding of portraiture and gain skills in wedding, action, fashion and nude photography.
  • Photojournalism Practice I

    Study photojournalism practice online to learn how to select photos and articles for publication and how to meet the requirements of an editor and publisher.
  • Travel Photography

    Taking photos while travelling presents many challenges. Learn online how to manage equipment and develop your style to photograph a variety of subjects and scenes.
  • Wedding Photography

    100 hour online training to learn wedding photography. A course for event planners, photographers, or anyone wanting to improve or broaden their photo skills.