General Horticulture Courses

Horticulture and gardening courses for careers or special interest development in horticulture.

Gain skills and knowledge in horticulture with very practical experience based courses supported by leading horticulture professionals. We provide more study choices, flexibility and great service. We have over 160 gardening and horticulture courses taught by our team of internationally renowned horticulturists.

  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Horticulture

    Study this broad based horticultural study program and gain a solid foundation on which to base a number of positions in the varied horticulture industry. Learn from highly qualified and experienced tutors, and study from anywhere in the world.
  • Amenity Horticulture I

    Amenity Horticulture looks at growing plants for recreational or ornamental purposes. Study this course online via distance education.
  • Amenity Horticulture II

    Plan, design and manage grounds used for recreation facilities. Study from home, online or via correspondence. Learn about managing budgets, managing human resources and managing material resources.
  • Garden Maintenance

    Be a professional gardener: Learn how to operate an efficient garden maintenance business: lawn mowing, lawn repair, renovation, pruning, spraying pesticides, soil care, fertilising, replacing plants, tree Care. Study with trained professionals.
  • Horticultural Research I

    Study a foundation subject to learn basic research skills for horticulture, amenity and cropping; for better business or to work in scientific enterprises.
  • Horticultural Research II

    This course will further develop your ability to research and present a critical, written and numerical assessment of information related to social, technological, environmental and economic issues that impact on Horticulture today.
  • Horticultural Therapy

    Horticultural therapy helps participants improve their general well-being, also improves physical and mental health and encourages social interactions.
  • Horticulture I

    Learn horticulture at home, studying online or by distance education, foundations of horticulture, plant science, plant identification, soils, weeds, pest control, landscaping, turf, propagation and arboriculture.
  • Horticulture II (Plant Knowledge)

    Become a Plant Expert: Learning to identify plants is as important as knowing how to grow them. Identify shrubs, trees, plants; learn the taxonomy of plant identification and how to grow different plants via online study.
  • Horticulture III (Plant Health)

    Learn about plant pests and diseases: identify pest and disease problems, and learn how to treat plant health problems. An online study program with lots of practical components.
  • Irrigation (Gardens)

    Understand Garden Irrigation Systems: Learn about watering systems and equipment and how to irrigate plants effectively and efficiently. Through distance or online education.
  • Irrigation Management (Horticultural)

    An advanced level course for people with some existing irrigation knowledge. Learn to water plants more efficiently. Develop skills in monitoring systems and calculating water needs. Ideal for commercial and private landscapes and production horticulture.
  • Managing Notable Gardens

    Learn to manage heritage and significant gardens. A great professional development course for parks managers, landscapers, superintendents and curators.
  • Nature Park Management I

    Learn management skills for national parks, nature reserves, botanical reserves, wilderness areas, wildlife reserves; understand the basic ecological principles of nature park management. Expert tutors guide you through this course.
  • Nature Park Management II

    Expand your expertise in managing nature parks! Improve your plant skills. Learn how to create and maintain natural ecosystems, and lots more!
  • Organic Plant Culture

    Study organic plant growing and learn how to grow a sustainable eco-garden. Organics is the way of the future - save the environment and also grow healthy food and gardens. Learn the practice as well as the theory behind organic plant culture!
  • Plant Taxonomy

    Learn to systematically examine a plant’s distinguishing characteristics, then determine its scientific classification based upon those observations.
  • Practical Horticulture 1

    Study practical horticultural skills and techniques to learn better horticultural practices for garden maintenance, nursery work, landscaping, crop production or other areas of horticultural work.
  • Soil Management (Horticulture)

    Soil Management: Learn why good soil management is the basis of successful horticulture. Understand the physical chemical processes in soils and how to decide on soil treatments.
  • Weed Control

    Weed Identification and Control - Horticultural Correspondence College - expert tutors; get a job, improve a business.