Trees Courses

Tree courses for a career working with trees, ideal for beginner to professional development.

Gain skills and knowledge with practical experience on trees, there is a variety of courses to make better choices to plant, establish and manage trees. Flexible learning, great support by horticulturists and lots of study options.

  • Arboriculture I

    Learn to care for and maintain trees. Online course includes species identification, planting, establishment, health, training, pruning, tree surgery and more. A broad foundation course for arborists, gardeners and landscapers.
  • Arboriculture II

    Learn tree establishment, maintenance and care by distance education =Self paced 100 hour course for arborists, foresters and horticulturists.
  • Australian Native Trees

    Learn to identify Australian native trees. Study online from home, or out in the bush with your notes in hand! Learn to propogate trees and about planting, feeding, soils, pests and diseases.
  • Certificate In Arboriculture

    Learn and work in arborculture - study form home with highly qualified and experienced tutors. Get a solid foundation for a career working with tree establishment or maintenance.
  • Deciduous Trees

    Study at home by distance education, learn about deciduous trees including: maples, birch, oaks, ash and more in this unique course. Don't miss out.
  • Trees For Rehabilitation

    Learn at home to grow trees on degraded land, to use trees for land reclaimation; land care and erosion control, through distanced education and open learning.