Design Your Own Course

Take control of your learning and customise your studies.

If you can’t find something that fits what you need, you can design your own course.
Take control of your learning and design your own course with the hundreds of courses that we have on offer.
Simply select the modules (100 hour courses) that you would like to bundle together to meet your own specific needs or interests.




You select your courses you would like to study. We have our academic staff check that the modules fit well for your needs and approve the course or recommend different courses more suitable for you. We will contact you with details on how you can enrol in the your Self-Designed course. You will need to complete an exam for each module to receive your “Self Designed Certificate” from ACS.



1. Specialist award (Select 3 modules)- This course also includes 200 hours of work experience or industry meetings.


2. Certificate (Select 6 modules)


3. Advanced Certificate (Select 9 modules)


4. Freestyle Learning Bundle (Combine 2- 25 modules together for a discounted rate).

Build your own course here with our online course builder, we will ask our academics to consider your application and we will contact you with more information on how you can enrol including any advice on specific courses that might suit your needs.

Need Help?

Take advantage of our personalised, expert course counselling service to ensure you're making the best course choices for your situation.

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