Design Your Own Course

Take control of your learning and customise your studies.

If you are unable to find a course that suits your needs, the design-your-own study option may be ideal.


Choose the 100 hour modules that you would like in your custom program, select a course title, complete the form. You can ‘buy now’, request a quote or ask for help to choose the best module combination for your situation.



1. Specialist award (Select 3 modules)- This 500-hour course includes THREE 100-hour modules (300 hours) PLUS 200 hours of work experience or industry meetings.


2. Certificate (Select 6 modules) - This 600 hour course includes SIX 100 hour modules.


3. Advanced Certificate (Select 9 modules) - This 900 hour course includes 8 modules; plus 100 hours of industry meetings.


4. Freestyle Learning Bundle (Combine 2- 25 modules together for a discounted rate).  Special pricing for bundles of FIVE or more modules applies. Please ask for a quote.

Build your own course here with our online course builder. You can buy now or request a quote.

Need Help?

Take advantage of our personalised, expert course counselling service to ensure you're making the best course choices for your situation.

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