Health Science Courses

Health science courses to build your understanding of human health and wellbeing.

Gain skills and knowledge in health science for entry level to Professional Development. Flexible learning, great support and lots of study options.

  • Advanced Certificate in Applied Sciences

    Study applied sciences through distance learning. Understand the application of chemistry, human biology, animal biology and plant biology in agriculture, horticulture, environmental science and other fields.
  • Advanced Certificate in Fitness Science

    Learn the science of human fitness & develop solid foundation skills for a lifelong career in sport, fitness or a related industry. A unique and extensive course which is a starting point for fitness professionals to underpin developing expertise.
  • Advanced Certificate in Health Management

    Study online and develop an insight into the scope and nature of the health industry. Acquire skills which can be applied in both mainstream and complimentary medicine. Understand management roles and responsibilities.
  • Advanced Certificate in Health Science

    Learn human biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition as a foundation for working in health care, support roles or administration. Opportunities are diverse in health, and this course underpins them all.
  • Advanced Certificate in Health Services Management

    Acquire the skills needed to manage a range of health services. Learn the fundamental science underpinning health as well as essential skills to organise and oversee health care services and professionals.
  • Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Science

    Learn how nutrition affects the body & the science that underpins decisions about what we eat. Online study of biochemical processes and human biology. In-depth training for developing a career or business in the food, nutrition or health industries.
  • Anatomy II (Human)

    Study the structures of the human body to learn by distance education about human anatomy as a foundation to work in health or fitness or allied health science.
  • Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB)

    Lacking energy? Discover the secrets of where energy comes from, how it affects our bodies and how this relates to movement and the fields of nutrition, sports managment and health.
  • Cell Biology

    Study cell biology or cytology at home to understand animal cells or plant cells; learning basic cellular biology by distance education.
  • Certificate In Applied Science

    Learn about biochemistry, botany, psychopharmacology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and much more! This course provides a foundation in applied science, with options to select a specialisation (plant, animal, environmental or health).
  • Certificate in Health Support

    Study health sciences and health industry practices and therapies at home to obtain a certificate in health support and work in allied health or a support role in the medical industry.
  • Certificate in Mental Health

    Understanding mental health helps anyone working in personnel management, counselling, emergency services and health services. This course provides a foundation to enhance your career prospects.
  • Food Coaching

    Learn to be food coach - help people to a better understanding and practice with their eating
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A)

    Learn human anatomy and physiology. This is a solid foundation for work or further studies in human health, fitness or biology. It is a starting point that underpins many career paths.
  • Medical Terminology

    Study medical language by distance education, to understand how medical words are constructed, and the meaning of medical tems; as a foundation to work as a medical receptionist or health support job.
  • Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II)

    Study human physiology and anatomy learning the biology of muscles and movement in the human body, for working in fitness, health or medicine.
  • Physiology II (Human)

    Study the physiological structures of the human body -- learn about key systems, how they're formed, how they work, and how they affect the body as a whole.
  • Specialist Award in Fitness Science

    Study exercise science by distance education, learning about fitness and human biology, and health prevention by distance education to work as a coach, instructor, personal trainer or exercise science expert.
  • Therapeutic Nutrition

    Study therapeutic nutrition for human health science, to learn by distance education about diets and eating that is complimentary to different health conditions or illnesses.