Herbs Courses

  • Aromatherapy

    100 hour aromatherapy course. Learn to use herbal oils for health and beauty; through scented candles, massage oils, baths and more to relieve headaches, insomnia, aching joints and even depression.
  • Certificate In Herbs

    Love Herbs? Learn to grow and use herbs - with a stronger herb focus than our other certificate. Learn to design herb gardens, grow potted herbs, cook, propagate, farm, make crafts, and more.
  • Certificate In Horticulture (Herbs)

    This certificate is focused half on general horticulture and half on herbs, giving the broadest foundation - keeping your options open to work in any sector of horticulture; while building a specialised knowledge of herbs.
  • Culinary Herbs

    Learn all about herbs: growing, harvesting and using herbs for all sorts of culinary purposes. A great course for gardeners, herb farmers, chefs, or anyone interested in more adventurous cooking.
  • Herb Culture

    Commercial herb production - turn a hobby or passion into a career in herbs. Set up a herb farm, grow herbs to sell at markets, or retail. Learn and develop great business opportunities for a career as a professional herb farmer.
  • Lavender

    Lavender online course, studying lavender plants, lavender oil, lavender flowers, and other lavender uses by home study or online
  • Medicinal Herbs

    Learn how to identify and correctly use herbs for medicinal purposes. Discover suitable soils for growing herbs, water and fertiliser requirements, propagation from seeds or cuttings & control of pests and diseases. A solid foundation course.
  • Scented Plants

    100 hour training - Learn to Identify and grow scented plants : roses, lavender, herbs, etc - propagate, cultivate, harvest and use fragrant plants