Equine Courses

Equine courses for working with horses professionally or for those passionate horse lovers.

Courses offer practical, experience- based learning and provide a solid understanding on the science, behaviour and management of horses. Flexible learning, lots of study options and great tutor support. Entry level to Professional Development.

  • Breeding Horses

    Study horse breeding online. Learn how horses breed and how to minimise risks to mare and foal during pregnancy and birth.
  • Equine Behaviour

    Study horse behaviour online to understand the nature of horses, for more effective training, better management or simply to improve the bond with your horse.
  • Horse Care I

    Horse care basics course- understand and learn how to care for a horse kept at grass. Ideal for working with horses or for those who are wanting to learn the essentials of caring for their own horse.
  • Horse Care II

    This course follows on from Horse Care I. It focuses on the care of stabled performance horses and covers topics such as stabling, foot care, bedding, tack and conditioning.
  • Horse Care III

    Advance your horse care skills and knowledge. Learn to better manage the health and condition of horses in different situations, including while traveling or competing in events.