Research Courses

Research underpins business and scientific advancement and these courses provide flexible options to improve your capacity to research; enhancing opportunities in business or career development. Entry to Professional Development.

  • Horticulture and Research I

    Learn how to conduct horticultural research and present professional findings. Develop your understanding of statistical research, methodology, and more.
  • Horticulture And Research II

    Learn to identify research issues and determine research priorities in horticulture, get technical information, plan, design and conduct research through distance education studies..
  • Research Project I

    Study at home to learn how to conduct research, systematically and scientifically; with valid research techniques, learning basic statistics, research reports, information searching and more.
  • Research Project II

    Study research at home learning to monitor processes, identify research issues, get information, use statistics, plan and design research for science or social sciences.
  • Research Project III

    Develop innovative approaches to workplace activities through systematic research in an industry relating to their stream studies.
  • Research Project IV (Thesis Preparation)

    Distance education course, where you learn to develop a thesis idea, and plan a thesis for research or post graduate academic studies; investigating a subject or problem in depth and detail.