Hospitality and Tourism Courses

Hospitality and tourism courses for personal and professional development.

Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience for working in hotel management, events, tour services or food and nutrition. Flexible learning, supportive student services and tutors.

  • Advanced Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism

    Learn about the hospitality and tourism industry. Gain skills and understanding in tourism, hotel management, food and beverage management, health, fitness, sales and human resource management, event management, and much more.
  • Advanced Certificate in Tourism

    A comprehensive leisure industry course with a strong focus on tourism. Learn a range of skills such as provision of tours, ecotourism, event management, arranging services, organising hotel accommodation and overseeing tourist welfare.
  • Bar Service

    Study bartending online. Learn how to mix drinks, studying a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; as well as learning general service skills to manage a bar.
  • Bed & Breakfast Management

    Study bed & breakfast management online. Learn how to set up and manage a bed & breakfast or guesthouse. This course covers facilities, decor, equipment, customer service, supplying meals, financial management, marketing, and more.
  • Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism

    Broaden your scope of career possibilities by studying both hospitality and tourism. This course is excellent for those who want to enter the field of catering or bar work, start their own bed & breakfast, provide tourism services, and more.
  • Certificate in Tourism

    Study tourism online, to develop a career or business in the travel and tourism industry. Learn to manage tour services, facilities and package tours.
  • Cleaning: Domestic and Commercial

    Learn cleaning skills and knowledge to become a successful commercial or domestic cleaner or cleaning service manager. Understand different cleaning chemicals, products, and techniques - kitchens, wash rooms, floors, fabrics, furniture and more.
  • Event Management

    Study event management online. Learn to organise and manage events, parties, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, celebrations, and more.
  • Farm Tourism

    Set up and run a farm tourism or agritourism venture to expand a farming business to allow tourists to visit.
  • Food & Beverage Management

    Study restaurant management online. Learn about nutrition, cooking, kitchen and food management, menu planning, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, personnel management, catering services, and more.
  • Garden Tourism

    Learn about the garden tourism. Understand how to plan, develop and manage garden tourism destinations, gardening events and garden tours.
  • Hotel Management

    Train to be a hotel manager. This course provides broad based, basic training to work in hospitality, accommodation, hotels, motels or resorts. It is a popular and substantial starting point for anyone in the hotel industry.
  • Human Nutrition 1

    Learn about food science and healthy nutrition. Make better food choices for yourself or learn to help or counsel others.
  • Human Nutrition II

    Learn what to eat to optimise health. Prepare food to maintain nutrients, plan diets, and develop well-balanced menus.
  • Human Nutrition III

    Learn about food allergies, sensitivities, nutritional disorders and other problems associated with diet. Study food and nutrition and diet management for better health or career opportunities.
  • Specialist Award In Nutrition

    Deepen your knowledge in nutrition. This course is designed primarily for people who already have some related training or experience and seek to supplement their existing skills.
  • Tourism 1

    Study tourism online. Learn about accommodation, transport, catering and service facilities. Start a career in managing and marketing holidays or tourism facilities of all types.
  • Wedding Planning

    Learn about the tasks involved in successfully planning and managing a wedding - hiring the band, liaising with the photographer, organising catering, finding the best deal for hiring venues and equipment, and much more!