Hospitality and Tourism Courses

Hospitality and tourism courses for personal and professional development.

Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience for working in hotel management, events, tour services or food and nutrition. Flexible learning, supportive student services and tutors.

  • Associate Diploma In Event Management

    Associate Diploma in Event Management. Are you a natural organizer? Then a career in event management could be for you. Study from home at your own pace.
  • Associate Diploma In Hospitality And Tourism

    Study Hospitality, Tourism, Event Management, Food and Beverage Service, Bar Service, Ecotourism, Hotel Management, Sales Management, Health and Fitness and Business Practices online from home. 1500 hrs; 2 years full time, more part time.
  • Bar Service

    Study Bar service skills by distance education from home; learning how to mix drinks, studying a wide range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, for good product knowledge; as well as learning general service skills to manage a bar.
  • Bed & Breakfast Management

    Learn Bed and Breakfast management -catering and accommodation services - to start, improve or work in a guesthouse or bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Certificate in Event Management

    Learn to be an event manager and work in the event industry, planning and running events; by studying a certificate in event management by distance education, at home.
  • Certificate in Hospitality

    Study hospitality to start a business, get a job through building networks and learning about hospitality management and hospitality industry marketing.
  • Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism

    Study hospitality and tourism services from home, learning how to get a job, start a business or succeed in a career in hospitality and tourism; including accommodation services, tourism marketing and management, transport and food services and more.
  • Certificate in Tourism

    Study tourism by distance education, to develop a career or business opportunity in the travel and tourism business; learning to manage tour services, facilities and package tours.
  • Diploma In Hospitality & Tourism

    Distance Education diploma course in Hospitality and tourism -learn about the accommodation and food industries, transport, tourist attractions and tours; training to work in tourism either online or by distance education.
  • Event Management

    Study an Event Management by distance education - Learning to organise and manage events, parties, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, celebrations, and more. Start a business or get a job.
  • Food & Beverage Management

    Learn starting a restaurant, through our restraunt school, studying food and beverage management to be a restaurant manager or find restaurant jobs.
  • Food Preparation - Foundations of Cooking

    Study Cooking by distance education, by correspondence study or online studies; to learn how to prepare food, food handling and safety, cooking equipment and tools and general food preparation.
  • Food Processing and Technology

    The Food Processing and Technology course will help you earn to plan and manage the processing of food on or off farm; to produce salable food products.
  • Hotel Management

    Learn management of hotels, resorts and other accommodation services by distance education - for careers managing staff, buildings, facilities, activities; servicing rooms, front desk and office operations etc.
  • Human Nutrition 1

    Learn food science and healthy nutrition - extensive 100 hour course for beginners; for improved health, to work in health or food industries or a first step toward a certificate or diploma.
  • Human Nutrition II

    Learn what to eat to be healthy, planning a diet, healthy food and drink, vitamins, minerals and more.
  • Human Nutrition III

    Learn about food allergies, sensitivities, eating disorders and other problems associated with diet. Study food and nutrition and diet management for better health or career opportunities.
  • Proficiency Award In Nutrition

    Learn about food, nutrition, what you eat, nutrients in different foods and choosing the healthiest foods. 500 hour course
  • Proficiency Award In Tourism & Hospitality

    Study by distance education at home, to discover opportunities and learn skills that are valuable for building a career or business in tourism or hospitality industries.
  • Tourism 1

    Study tourism at home: accommodation, transport, catering and service facilities. Start or improve a career or business; in managing and marketing holidays or tourism facilities of all types.
  • Tourism II Special Interest Tourism

    Study tourism for special target markets by distance education, learning about business tourism, tourism for the elderly, cultural and arts tourism, sex tourism, food tourism and more
  • Wedding Planning

    Study planning and management of weddings by distance education to learn to be a wedding planner; to organise wedding ceremonies, legalities, transport, catering and logistical operations for different weddings.