Advanced Certificate in Multidisciplinary Studies

Learn about business and management across a variety of different disciplines or industries to optimise your employability across the decades to come. Expand your future employment options.

Course CodeVBS037
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)900 hours
QualificationAdvanced Certificate

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Enhance Your Future Employability 

As the nature of employment changes so does the likelihood of changing career. Many people these days are seeking to future proof their employment options through diversification. Over a lifetime it is estimated that on average people will have seven careers.

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn core skills and complement those with knowledge from a range of disciplines. The result is a greater employment flexibility.



Multidisciplinary studies give you the opportunity to study slightly more unconventional subject combinations that broaden your scope for employment. Research suggests that those with a broad-based education background have better employment possibilities and are often able to develop better careers.

  • Multidisciplinary studies offer diverse career opportunities in private, public and community sectors (in small and large organisations)

  • Gives you higher skill levels in addressing complex issues.


Choose units that you can excel in (usually from 3 different disciplines) – things you are passionate about, students always do well and usually also do better in their careers too because of this passion.

Multidisciplinary studies are aimed at developing diverse skills and as such your employment possibilities also broaden and may for example include work in:

  • Education

  • Science

  • Humanities

  • Business

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture

What makes this program unique?

  • Options to choose electives that you don't find in similar qualification elsewhere.

  • A longer, more in-depth study package than what is offered at many other colleges. Study more, learn more, go further in your career or business.

  • A stronger focus on learning (some colleges focus more on assessment than we do -but we believe that what you learn is what makes the difference).

  • Exceptional the qualifications and experience of our staff.



Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Multidisciplinary Studies.
 Business Studies BBS101
 Instructional Skills BGN101
 Introduction to Psychology BPS101
 Research Project I BGN102
 Project Management BBS201

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate in Multidisciplinary Studies is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

What You Will Do

  • This course requires you to complete a small number of core modules in order to provide a foundation in management and industry.
  • These core modules are:
  • Project management
  • Business studies
  • Instructional Skills
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Research Project I
  • A further 4 modules must be selected from at least 3 of the following disciplines.
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Management
  • Leisure Industries
  • Health Sciences and Fitness
  • Business
  • I.T.
  • Photography
  • Writing, Journalism and Publishing
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Elective modules chosen must be approved by a tutor.
  • Duration: 900 hours


Flexible Study

Choose how you study, where you study, what you study, how much you study, and when you study.

  • Work fast or slow –you choose the intensity of study
  • Start, pause or restart according to changing demands of work, family or lifestyle.
  • Mix and match modules so you only study what you want or need to learn -We allow you to construct your own “tailor made” learning program.
  • Options in assignments allow you to focus on things with greater interest to you.
  • Study electronically; or using printed notes.
  • Use (or don’t use) supplementary services for extra learning want –unlimited access to tutors,  an online student room, social media, bookstore, etc
  • Orientation video and student Manual at the start of your course will provide a clear guide to how you can study and get all sorts of support no matter where you live.

Why Distance Education is Better

Classroom based education today is in crisis. Funding is under pressure, teachers are often stressed and increasingly, text books that were the back bone of courses in the past are becoming unavailable as electronic publishing impacts on the print media industry.

These pressures (and others) have resulted in the quality of classroom education diminishing. At the same time, technological advances have been allowing distance education to get better and better every year.

ACS started in 1979, and by 1982 was using computer technology to write and print courses. We have developed our school alongside a global technological revolution; adopting and applying new technologies to distance education as those technologies have emerged. Our experience has taught us how to deliver education in the most effective way, using modern technology; and allowed us to build a reputation that sets our graduates apart in the global marketplace.  

  • Too many courses today are stuck in the past; giving graduates qualifications (often accredited), but leaving them with out of date skills and often unemployed.
  • Too many students commence courses with their sights on a job that exists when they start studying, but not recognising the fact that industries are changing so fast that by the time they finish studies, their job prospects may be completely different (The job they started out chasing might not even exist by the time they finish studying).

Fantastic Opportunities

This fast changing world of ours can be unsettling for some. We all prefer to set our sights on a long term goal, and achieve it. The reality is that the ability to live that way is diminishing every year that passes.

You have two choices in your education –

  • One is to ignore the changes underway in our world; and hope that studying something that has worked in the past, will work for you in the future.
  • The other is to recognise that that there will be unforeseen opportunities in the future, and then prepare yourself as best you can to capitalize on those opportunities. 
  • Being prepared to capitalize on future opportunities in your field of study.
  • Awareness of the subject and the industry
  • Understanding of how to use what is learnt in real life situations
  • Ability to communicate with greater confidence and accuracy
  • Capacity to solve problems related to this subject

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Business Operations
Covers things from running a business from finance and forecasting to staffing changes and legal issues. Chapters include: People, Law, Finance, Risk, Product Management, and Daily challenges.
Project Management
This ebook is designed to help improve your capacity to manage any type of project in any type of industry. It may be read as a stand- alone book; used as something to refer to during the process of managing projects, or used as a complementary reference
Psychology Dictionary
This book provides explanations for common terms used in Psychology.
The Learning ebook is an invaluable resource for students as well as those in learning support roles such as parents and teachers. This ebook helps you understand learning; and based on that understanding, make better informed decisions about what to stud