Information Technology Courses

Information Technology is everywhere – maintain relevance in a fast-changing world with these study programs. Learn the fundamentals of IT – but in depth. Flexible learning for professional or personal development.

  • Advanced Certificate in E-commerce

    Professional online course. Learn to use electronic technology for marketing. Build skills and a capacity to adapt to change. Professional development for anyone working in sales, marketing or IT.
  • Advanced Certificate in IT Programming

    A comprehensive IT course which covers hardware and programming. Acquire a foundation for a lifetime career or business. The course is designed to allow you to adapt to rapid change in a fast moving industry.

    Learn how to use ASP.NET, including programming essentials, forms, web server controls, form validation, classes, namespaces, applications, database interaction, error handing, email and creating an online store.
  • C# Programming

    Learn C Shap programming - online, self paced course. C# is a popular modern open source programming language that runs well on multiple platforms compatible with .Net, Java and C++ programming.
  • Computer Operations

    Learn the basics of operating a PC with a Windows operating system using Microsoft products. This is a great course for those wanting to understand the basics of computers.
  • Computer Servicing I

    Become a computer technician. Learn to repair and service computers including laptops. This course suits the beginner with limited understanding of the inside of a computer.
  • Computer Servicing II

    Learn about hardware and fault analysis. A computer servicing course for someone who already has a little knowledge or experience, but needs to bring that understanding of hardware to the next level.
  • Computer Servicing III

    Learn to repair and service personal computers. Start a business, get a job, develop your professional knowledge. A more involved computer servicing course that builds on Computer Servicing I & II.
  • Cyber Security

    Understand Cyber Security, the types of threats resulting in cyber attacks, and defense mechanisms available.
  • E Commerce

    Learn about electronic marketing. Gain valuable SEO, e-marketing and e-commerce skills.
  • Flash CS

    Study Flash CS online. Gain skills in making multimedia files and animations. Learn how to use flash editor, text, images, animation, movies, audio, components, publishing, and more.
  • Graphic Design

    Working as a graphic designer involves more than art - it requires time management, communication skills, and technical expertise. This course will provide a great foundation to help you express your client’s visions.
  • Html (Writing a Website)

    Study HTML online. Learn the essentials of how to create a website from coding to navigation, introductory CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and much more.
  • Javascript

    Learn Javascript - the language to make your website come alive. Improve your website dynamic!
  • Networking Foundations

    Learn about computer networking, including networking introduction, topology, architecture and transmission media; components and hardware; design and planning; upgrading; basic TCP/IP services and applications, and more.
  • SQL For The Web

    Study SQL (Structured Query Language) online. Learn about building a database with SQL, retrieving, storing, updating and deleting data, database security, and more.
  • Visual Basic.Net

    Become a Microsoft windows programmer using Visual Basic. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft VB.NET.