Writing and Journalism Courses

Writing and journalism courses for personal or professional development.

Learn to write, edit or publish or become a more effective communicator. Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience with the one-on-one guidance of your industry experienced tutor. Flexible learning and responsive support.

  • Advanced Certificate in Editing

    Study editing in this comprehensive course. Hone your observational skills and learn to organise writing better. Prepare writing for publishing and become a professional editor. Enhance career or business opportunities in media.
  • Advanced Certificate in Journalism

    Study writing, editing, photography and photoshop. A comprehensive qualification in media studies with a focus on journalism. Learn all the skills necessary to help you start a career in journalism.
  • Advanced Certificate in Publishing

    Study publishing via online learning. A comprehensive qualification in media studies with a focus on publishing. Use skills learnt to publish online or gain employment in the publishing industry. Can be applied to different types of writing.
  • Advanced Freelance Writing

    Learn to be a professional writer by distance learning. Study writing, media studies or journalism. Improve your writing skills, for careers in publishing or as a freelance writer.
  • Biographical Writing

    Be a biographer! Learn to write a biography, family history, biograhical novel, write a biographical magazine article or even an obituary. Great online course - learn from dedicated and enthusiastic tutors.
  • Certificate in Journalism

    Study writing, publishing, editing, journalism or photojournalism. Experience based learning helps you, develop an awareness of the industry, exploring opportunities to publish your work; and initiate a career.
  • Children's Writing

    Learn to write picture books, junior fiction, and young adult novels. Discover key differences between genres, the secrets of structure and planning, how to write realistic dialogue, and more. Excellent for aspiring and long term writers alike.
  • Communications

    A course to help you communicate professionally and personally. Be understood using written or spoken words and even body language.
  • Copywriting

    Learn copywriting to produce clear, concise and engaging copy for use in marketing, particularly for advertising. A 100 hour self paced online course with full tutor support.
  • Creative Writing

    Study creative writing with ACS Distance Education - write more interesting fiction, more convincing advertising, more inspired poetry. Develop your creativity to write better more engaging work of all types.
  • Dramatic Writing

    Study dramatic writing, learn about writing compelling drama - learn how to plan, and develop your ideas and stories. Study by distance learning - by correspondence, online, or by eLearning. Learn from highly experienced specialist tutors.
  • Editing I (Editing and Proofreading)

    Improve your editing and proofreading skills, learn to assess manuscripts, and mark up like the pros with this introductory course. Excellent for writers and new editors alike.
  • Editing II

    Take your editing skills to the next level -- learn about the legalities of editing, different types of editing, graphic, charts, and apply your skills with a problem-based learning project.
  • Editing Practice

    Study writing, media studies or journalism, to be a professional editor with this alternative education writing school; courses learning online or by correspondence how to write in a home business.
  • Efficient Writing

    Develop your writing and communication skills. Learn to write with intent, create clean copy and more. Useful for copywriters, editors, advertising writers, and more.
  • Esl Writing Fundamentals

    For those with English as a Second Language. Learn beyond the basics for better writing and communication; improve your grammar and increase your vocabulary. Study with the guidance and support of our specialist tutors.
  • Journalism Practice I

    Learn at home how to write in a practical way; studying practical writing skills, learning by distance education from professional writers and journalists
  • Legal Terminology

    Learn the meaning of key legal terms and advance your career. Understanding legal terminology is essential for journalists and media professionals, legal administrative staff, government officers, activists, and more.
  • Photojournalism Practice I

    Photography School -Study photography for a career or job in photography, to start a photo business or take better photos; learning by distance education, through online home study or a photography correspondence course.
  • Poetry

    Learn the grammar and techniques involved in writing sonorous verse. Learn about famous poets and their poems. Enhance your poetry writing skills
  • Public Speaking

    Improve your ability to speak in public - speech making and public speaking. Online course for speakers, teachers, politicians, media presenters, leaders or anyone who wants to improve their skills and confidence in public speaking.
  • Publishing I

    Learn how books, blogs, magazines, newsletters, and more are published. This course provides an excellent start for anyone considering self publishing or seeking employment in publishing.
  • Publishing II

    Discover the nature and scope of publishing, opportunities for careers and business - learn the basics, lay a foundation for working in the media.
  • Publishing III

    Explore what to publish, how to publish, and where to sell what you publish. Raise your awareness of publishing to the next level for business or career success.
  • Script Writing

    Script Writing Course. Script writing can be used in a wide range of areas - TV, radio, films, educational videos, adverts, podcasts and more. Improve and update your knowledge and start writing scripts. Useful for professional or personal development.
  • Writing Fiction

    Learn to Write Fiction: Learn how to write engaging characters, settings, plots and how to structure a story. If fiction is your forté, this is the course for you.
  • Writing in Practice

    Learn how to revise your work with useful strategies and tips on the workshop process. Receive feedback on a larger project or build a portfolio in conjunction with our expert writing tutors.
  • Writing Non Fiction

    Learn to write commercial non fiction for any media - print, broadcast or digital. For writers or aspiring writers to improve, or even broaden their capacity to write non fiction, from magazine articles & blogs to news items & biographies.