Advanced Certificate in Parks & Leisure (Horticulture)

Gain confidence, skills and knowledge to work in the management and development of recreation and park facilities and services. Work towards a career in parks, gardens, grounds and commercial horticulture settings.

Course CodeVHT078
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)900 hours
QualificationAdvanced Certificate

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Broaden Your Horizons

The parks and leisure industry offers many openings for suitably skilled horticulturists. There are many different types of venue which require the services of those with knowledge of soils, turf and plant maintenance together with some management skills.

This course provides a strong foothold through its core subjects whilst also allowing for some scope to specialise via electives.

Learn the horticultural skills to work in parks and leisure 

This comprehensive course provides training for people to work in the management and development of recreation and park facilities, including municipal parks, national parks, tourist parks, commercial landscapes, resorts and more. 

Grow your awareness of industry and opportunities; and develop your networking skills. Success in parks and recreation is not just a matter of being able to do the job. It is also very much dependent upon the attitude you have and the decisions you make.

“This course stands above the rest when it comes to management skills – you will have the confidence to manage parks and gardens (as well as staff) upon completion of this course. It enables you to develop and apply informed decisions rather then to just follow orders. In the future the demand for Parks and Gardens experts at management level will increase; be amongst those that are ready to take up the challenge.” - Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care, Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert IV Assessment and Training, Adv.Dip.Hort, ACS Tutor.


Successful completion of this course may assist the student to gain employment in the following fields: Parks Superintendent, Head Ranger, Parks Manager, Technical Officer, Park Interpretation Officer, Recreation Facility Manager, Vocational Trainer.




Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Parks & Leisure (Horticulture).
 Horticulture I BHT101
 Soil Management (Horticulture) BHT105
 Horticultural Resource Management BHT203
 Sports Turf Management BHT202
 Amenity Horticulture I BHT324
 Horticultural Marketing BHT304
Stream ModulesStudied after the core modules, stream modules cover more specific or niche subjects.
 Horticultural Research I BHT118
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 30 modules.
 Arboriculture I BHT106
 Botany I (Plant Physiology And Taxonomy) BSC104
 Carpentry BSS100
 Ecotour Management BTR101
 Horticulture II (Plant Knowledge) BHT102
 Landscape Construction BHT111
 Landscaping I BHT109
 Nature Park Management I BEN120
 Plant Selection And Establishment BHT107
 Supervision VBS104
 Turf Care BHT104
 Arboriculture II BHT208
 Horticultural Research II BHT241
 Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles) BHT235
 Nature Park Management II BEN207
 Permaculture Systems BHT201
 Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens BHT242
 Playground Design BHT216
 Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243
 Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation) BHT205
 Amenity Horticulture II BHT325
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
 Ecotourism Tour Guide Course BTR301
 Garden History BHT329
 Horticultural Therapy BHT341
 Operational Business Management I (Horticulture) BHT326
 Operational Business Management II (Horticulture) BHT327
 Organic Plant Culture BHT302
 Turf Grasses BHT342
 Turf Repair And Renovation BHT303

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate in Parks & Leisure (Horticulture) is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


  • We've been teaching horticulture since 1979 -we've helped tens of thousands around the world. We can help you.

  • Support from a team of a dozen horticulturists, in three countries including some of the industries leading experts. The principal John Mason is a former Director of Parks & Recreation (Essendon Council), and the only person to have been made a fellow by both the Australian Institute of Horticulture, and the UK Institute of Horticulture. He is also a fellow of Parks & Leisure Australia.

  • Other staff include: Gavin Cole has worked in landscaping across both Australia and the UK, and was operations manager for one of England's most prestigious landscape companies. Maggi Brown is a life member of Garden Organic in the UK, and one of England's most respected organic gardening experts. Bob James has over 50 years of experience in horticulture as manager with Brisbane Council Parks Dept; a consultant, university lecturer, nurseryman, permaculturist, and more. These are just a few of the team.

  • Above all; our courses are unique, and they work. They take longer to complete than certificates in some colleges; but our graduates learn more, and because there are lots of choices throughout the course; every graduate will have a different mix of knowledge and skills to everyone else -as well as all of the basics that everyone needs to learn. This uniqueness sets our graduates apart from the crowd, and that gives you an edge on everyone else. 

Give you the skills and knowledge to manage parks and recreation facilities.

This course is different to many others. It is an "experiential based" learning program; designed to get you involved with the horticulture industry as you study. The industry is changing faster than ever; and will continue to change; and for ongoing success you need to become "connected" and remain "connected", so that you see and adapt to recent changes, and ongoing changes as your career moves forward.

Let us help you toward a successful future in parks and recreation!

We've always found it is better to communicate with someone before they enrol. If we understand your passions, capabilities and ambitions, we can help you map out a course of action to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

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