Agriculture Courses

Agriculture courses for farming careers or hobby farming.

Courses with practical experience for working in agriculture, focusing on animal and food production and farm management. Offering great support, flexible learning and lots of study options in science, technology & management of all types of livestock and crops.

  • Advanced Certificate Farming - Self designed

    Learn farming online -choose from lots of different modules to create a unique study combination that sets you apart from other graduates, and gives you a career edge.
  • Advanced Diploma In Agriculture - Alternative Agriculture

    Solid training program for working in alternative areas of agriculture at a technician or management level; in positions such as a farm manager, technical representatives, trainers or consultants.
  • Agricultural Marketing

    Learn to market farm produce to maximise your business -Explore innovative and different approaches to improve sales and profit for any agricultural enterprise; on or off farm.
  • Agronomy

    Study Agronomy to learn how to grow broad acre crops, cereal crops, fibre, oil crops: everything from wheat and cotton to soy and sunflower; learning at your own pace by distance education through a correspondence course.
  • Agronomy II -Grains

    Learn to grow cereals, pulses and pseudo grains - online agronomy course
  • Agronomy III - Root Crops

    Learn how to grow root vegetables, some of the world's most vital crops! Root crops are the second most important staple crop in the world. They are an essential source of carbohydrates for people all over the world.
  • Animal Behaviour

    Learn Animal Behaviour, a 100 hour distance learning course covering a variety of aspects that affect animal behaviour. Course available online.
  • Animal Breeding

    Learn animal breeding theory and practice for farm and domesticated animals, from our highly qualified team of veterinary and agricultural professionals. Teaching about animals since 1990.
  • Animal Diseases

    Learn about sick or dead animals, how veterinary professionals to making a diagnosis. The course will provide a foundation to understanding disease and determine an appropriate course of action to initiate in order to obtain a diagnosis
  • Animal Grooming

    Learn to groom farm animals or pets, for better animal health and wellbeing; or to exhibit. 100 hour, extensive training in theory and practice of being a groomer.
  • Animal Health (Animal Husbandry II)

    Learn to assess animal health, explain a variety of conditions. Topics include signs and symptoms of diseases, disease classification, causes of disease, inflammation, fever and immunity, tissue repair, wounds and cell changes.
  • Animal Health Care

    Learn to manage animal health for pets, wildlife or farm animals, by distance education. Study veterinary and animal health, disease prevention, health therapies and nursing, at home, online, by e learning on USB or by correspondence course study.
  • Aquaculture

    Aquaculture is the farming of water creatures for human consumption. You will also learn about production systems, other species, feeding, harvesting and health of fish as well as set up of an aquaculture venture.
  • Associate Diploma in Agriculture

    Associate Diploma in Agriculture -1500 hours -Train to be a farm manager, technician or agricultural industry professional.
  • Associate Diploma in Animal Husbandry

    Learn to be a professional managing your own livestock, or providing services to farmers. 1500 hour course 1.5 years full time 3 years part time.
  • Associate Diploma In Equine Studies

    The Associate Diploma in Enquine Studies will teach you what you need to know to work with horses.
  • Aviculture (Bird Keeping)

    Study aviculture. Everything that you need to know about birdkeeping. Work in the pet industry or for avid bird lovers.
  • Beef Cattle

    Learn better management of beef cattle; develop your career or job prospects, improve your farm operations. Expert professional, experience tutors.
  • Calf Rearing

    Learn to raise calves for airy or beef farming : Build a practical and theoretical understanding of the industry under the guidance of our international faculty of animal scientists and farm professionals.
  • Certificate In Agriculture

    Agriculture Certificate for new farmers, those seeking employment or qualification. Gain knowledge and skills to run or work farms in: cropping, dairy, beef, pig, poultry, horse stud etc.
  • Certificate in Agriculture - Self Designed

    Learn agricultural theory and practice -improve a farm, start an agricultural service business, get a job. 600 hour, very flexible certificate.
  • Certificate In Alternative Farming

    The Certificate in Alternative Farming allows you to learn different farming practices. Ideal to start your own niche farm.
  • Certificate in Animal Health

    Train for a Career in Animal Health or Welfare; home study certificate in animal health. Study online, by distance education.
  • Certificate in Animal Husbandry

    Learn to farm different types of livestock, for better farm management or to improve your job and career opportunities.
  • Certificate in Equine Husbandry

    Learn to raise and manage horses, enhance your career, improve or start an equine business, or get a job in the equine industry.
  • Dairy Cattle

    Study dairy farming by distance education - learn theory and practice of dairying, for better farm management, career development or employment in the dairy industry, on or off farm.
  • Diploma in Agriculture

    Learn advanced agricultural practices; develop your career and business potential through an extensive education in agricultural science, management and practice. 2100 hours of study, self paced by distance learning.
  • Diploma in Animal Management

    Livestock Diploma Course over 2 to 3 years full time -Highly qualified and experienced tutors to mentor you -teaching agriculture since 1991
  • Dog Care

    Learn about dog breeds, biology, behaviour and training , health care, etc -100 hour course with experienced, highly qualified veterinary and canine experts.
  • Dog Psychology and Training

    Learn how to become a dog trainer -explore the knowledge, skills and businessx possibilities for working in the behavioural management of dogs. 100 hour course.
  • Engineering I - Machinery and Equipment

    Study horticultural and agricultural engineering to learn about machines, pumps, hydraulics, tools and equipment for efficient work on a farm, nursery or garden.
  • Engineering II - Engineering Applications

    Study agricultural engineering, surveying, earthworks, mechanisation, water management, etc -engineering solutions for more efficient farm operations.
  • Equine Behaviour

    An excellent course that will provide you with a sound understanding of equine behaviour.
  • Farm Management

    Learn better farm management -correspondence course developed and run by John Mason (author of best selling book "Farm Management"); and our team of internationally renowned agricultural experts from Australia and the UK.
  • Goat Production

    Study goat husbandry by distance education learning about breeds, behaviour, feed and nutrition, farm systems, wool and meat production, and more. 100 hour training program.
  • Horse Breeding

    Learn to breed horses; work in the equestrian industry. With this theoretical and practical course, you have a solid foundation to build experience in the field of horse breeding.
  • Horse Care I

    Learn horse care from our internationionl team of equestrians and animal scientists - A course for horse owners or a starting point for a career in the equine industry.
  • Horse Care II

    Learn equine feed and nutrition, stable management and conditioning from highly qualified equine professionals in both Australia and the UK. Free course and Career Counselling Service.
  • Horse Care III

    Learn about equine health from experienced veterinary scientists -Extensive 100 hour, self paced home study helps you manage horse health and conditioning.
  • Irrigation -Agricultural Irrigation

    Study irrigation for farms, and learn better water management and irrigation practices to improve a farm, increase farm profit and improve farm sustainability
  • Irrigation Management

    Learn to manage irrigation on a farm for better efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Experienced and qualified professional tutors.
  • Mariculture - Marine Aquaculture

    Learn to farm fish, crustaceans and shellfish in salt water -manage a farm, start a mariculture business; explore employment and business possibilities.
  • Natural Health Care for Animals

    Study animal health management, naturopathy to treat or prevent disease or illness in domestic pets, farm animals or wildlife, learning about natural health care for animals, studying at home with ACS.
  • Organic Farming

    Study organic farming and learn to farm animals or crops, using organic, biodynamic, eco farming techniques; through a correspondence course or open learning online course
  • Pasture Management

    Learn more about pasture management with ACS. Pastures are critical to many types of farms. Farmers have been known to turn unprofitable farms into commercial successes by simply improving pasture.
  • Pet Care

    Online Pet Care course to study pets at home, training to learn pet first aid, pet behaviour, types of pets, feeding pets, grooming pets: learning pet care by a correspondence course
  • Pigs

    Learn to raise pigs on a small or large scale; to improve your on farm management; develop your career or business prospects or lay a foundation for further study.
  • Poultry

    Learn to raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; on a commercial farm; or for self sufficiency; more efficiently, using a variety of production methods, on a small or large scale.
  • Proficiency Award in Agriculture

    Develop specialized skills in agriculture studying farm practices or animal husbandry. 500 hours of distance education.
  • Sheep

    Learn sheep husbandry and farming for improved farm practices in the production of wool and meat -experienced and highly qualified faculty provide great student support services.
  • Soil Management (Agriculture)

    Farm Soil Management - Learn about soil quality, poor nutrition, chemical imbalance, structural problems such as drainage, lack of microbial life and more; for improved farm production..
  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Learn to make a farm sustainable - the business and the environment. 100 hour course, developed by John Mason, author of Sustainable Agriculture, published by Landlinks Press (CSIRO)
  • Weed Control

    Learn weed science and management for farms and natural landscapes - to improve farm production and sustainability; land conservation, or any other reason.