Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Construction

A course of study which combines building and construction skills with awareness of how construction techniques and choices of materials can influence human health, and the health of our environment more broadly.

Course CodeVSS016
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)900 hours
QualificationAdvanced Certificate

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Build for a Better Future 

This course teaches students a range of construction skills including carpentry and masonry. The inclusion of studies in healthy buildings also helps students to develop awareness of how construction choices can influence the health of building inhabitants. 

At a time when climate change and environmental degradation are key issues, the onus is on people in all walks of life to make more informed decisions about what they do to care for the future of the planet.

This course provides ideas for people in the construction industry to think more carefully and choose wisely.

Learn to understand how to create buildings that are in tune with the environment

Buildings come in all shapes and forms; old, new, solid constructions and weak construction, large and small, residential, commercial and public. This course relates to them all.

In the past, little thought was given to the sustainability of construction in a holistic way. We may have built durable churches, castles and forts that lasted hundreds or occasionally thousands of years; but often lack of knowledge or forethought has resulted in construction with materials that are toxic to human health or with other undesirable issues.

This course will raise your awareness of not only how to build things, but also the human impact of the design and materials used in a construction; and the landscape surrounding the building.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Construction.
 Industry Project BIP000
 Building Renovation BSS104
 Carpentry BSS100
 Masonry (Brick, Stone and Concrete Work) BSS101
 Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction and Health) BSS200
 Project Management BBS201
 Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 10 modules.
 Alternative Energy VSS102
 Landscape Construction BHT111
 Mud Brick Construction ASS103
 Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
 Workshop I BGN103
 Green Walls and Roofs BHT256
 Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens BHT242
 Workshop II BGN203
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
 Workshop III BGN302

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Construction is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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