Photographic Portfolio

Learn how to plan and choose appropriate photos for a purpose. Learn about the composition and presentation of photos and how to make a portfolio for a job or presentation.

Course CodeBPH301
Fee CodeS1
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

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Create a powerful photographic portfolio with guidance from a professional photographer.

This course is designed either as a short stand alone course (4 lessons) or as a component of a larger course (eg. certificate or award). Anyone attempting it should have first studied photographic practice or a similar course, to develop their skills and style. This course is not focused on improving the photos you take; rather it focuses on your ability to select appropriate photos for a purpose, and to then present those photos in an appropriate way.

The culmination of this module is the production of a Portfolio which can be used by the student to sell themselves when applying for a job or making a presentation to a client.  The course also looks at online folios, digital slide shows and resizing images.





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