Psychology Courses

Psychology can underpin careers as diverse as business, counselling, welfare, coaching or teaching.

Learn more about many aspects of human behaviour. These courses are suitable for personal or professional development. Flexible learning supported by industry experienced tutors.

  • Abnormal Psychology

    Abnormal behaviour course, learn more about mental health issues - the causes, symptoms, and options for treatment. Develop your knowledge of the causes of disorders and the options for support.
  • Adolescent Psychology

    Learn about the changes and challenges faced by adolescents; understand to provide effective support and guidance. Study with ACS Distance Education for professional development with studies delivered by specialist tutors.
  • Advanced Certificate in Behavioural Science

    A broad foundation in behavioural science with elective options. This course is a unique opportunity to develop knowledge of different areas of psychology to give you a platform from which to go on and specialise.
  • Advanced Certificate in Coaching

    This is a broad-based coaching learning program. Besides the core coaching studies students learn areas which can add to their knowledge to make them a more effective all-round coach. Ideal for those looking to offer a coaching service.
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling & Psychology

    Study counselling & psychology for professional development or personal enrichment. An in-depth training course for counsellors with options to specialise. Learn skills to help support others. Study online & receive feedback from qualified tutors.
  • Advanced Certificate in Psychology

    Develop an advanced understanding of human psychology. Understanding behaviour underpins your capacity to manage or help others - as a care professional, manager or professional. Professional development, or a starter course.
  • Aged Care and Counselling

    Learn Aged Care and Counselling by Distance Education. A 100 hour professional development course. Start at any time. Study with the help and support of our specialist tutors.
  • Anger Management

    Study anger management by distance education, learn to understand anger, and study the skills for managing anger and helping others manage anger as a counsellor, welfare worker or in health support.
  • Biopsychology I

    Biological psychology (or biopsychology) is the study of the nervous system and behaviour. Study this course to learn about brain anatomy, bodily chemicals and hormones, and how different physiological systems influence our behaviour.
  • Biopsychology II

    This advanced Biopsychology course is aimed at those wishing to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the brain and its role in behaviour. It is best suited to those who already have some knowledge of brain anatomy and functioning.
  • Careers Counselling

    Career Advisor or Counsellor course. Help make sound career decisions and set realistic career goals, this course can set you on that path.
  • Certificate in Life Coaching

    Learn about human behaviour and counselling , coaching, counsellor, finance, fitness, state of mind, and how to help others to improve all aspects of their lives
  • Certificate in Psychology

    Psychology distance education certificate course from the directory of psychology, human behaviour and counselling courses at ACS School of Psychology Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Certificate in Sports Psychology

    Study a certificate in sports coaching or sports psychology at home, learning the psychology of sports by distance education to work as a sports coach, personal trainer or fitness instructor.
  • Certificate in Stress Management

    Distance education study course in managing stress for a certificate in stress management to work in health support, as a life coach, teacher, health assistant or allied health worker
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health

    Learn about mental health problems in children other than developmental and behavioural disorders. Understand childhood depression, anxiety and eating problems amongst others and forge a career in the caring professions.
  • Child Psychology

    Study this in-depth course in child psychology, discover how infants and children develop (socially, cognitively, sexually, morally), how they acquire language, and different types of learning. Develop knowledge towards a career working with children.
  • Conflict Management

    Discover different counselling styles for managing conflicts and crucial skills for aiding negotiations between disputing individuals or parties. Determine best practices for mediation and facilitation and how to deal with power imbalances.
  • Counselling Children

    Learn to be sensitive to the needs of children, and more capable of interacting in a positive way with children during therapy. Review different approaches for helping children with internalising and externalising problems. Add to your counselling skills.
  • Counselling Skills I

    Learn counselling methods, skills and techniques by Distance Learning - Study Counselling Skills, to understand human behaviour and counselling methodology with ACS Distance Education, study online or by correspondence. Start at any time.
  • Counselling Skills II

    Study Advanced Counselling skills and gain a more in-depth understanding as to the use of counselling skills. Professional Development for those working in counselling, welfare, human resources management or help services.
  • Counselling Techniques

    School of Psychology - Counselling Techniques for therapists course from the directory of Psychology, Human Behaviour and Counselling courses from ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Criminal Psychology

    School of Psychology -Criminal and deviant illegal behaviour course from the directory of psychology, criminal behavior and counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or home study.
  • Crisis Counselling

    School of Psychology -Crisis Counselling course from the directory of psychology, human behaviour and counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Developmental Psychology

    Study this course in developmental psychology to learn more about how people change over their lifetime from infancy through to adulthood. Find out about key psychological and emotional challenges at different life stages.
  • Educational Psychology

    Understand how students process and absorb information through studying this course in educational psychology. Find out about age-appropriate learning methods, how to improve memory and the importance of motivation in the classroom.
  • Ethics

    Ethics is concerned with what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour, or what is right or wrong. This course explores the history of ethics in philosophy and religion and applies current thinking to everyday life situations.
  • Family Counselling

    Family Counselling Training. Gain a broader view of the problems faced by families - understand more about analysing problems and finding solutions. Suitable for support workers, social workers, foster carers, counsellors, teachers and others.
  • Grief Counselling

    Study Grief Counselling with ACS Distance Education - learn about the grieving process and how to support people through grief. Professional development for trainee counsellors, social workers, foster carers and more.
  • Industrial Psychology

    Study Industrial Psychology and learn about organisations, employee performance, motivation, staff selection and more. Professional development for supervisors, managers, personnel staff and more. Learn from our highly experienced tutors.
  • Introduction to Psychology

    Psychology introductory course. Study the theories behind psychology. Study by distance learning, online or correspondence. Useful course for professional development or personal interest.
  • Life Coaching

    Become a Life Coach and help people make changes personally or professionally to make the most of their lives.
  • Marketing Psychology

    Marketing and Sales Psychology home study course from the directory of psychology, human behaviour and counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Multi Cultural Awareness

    Study Multicultural awareness and cultural psychology. Learn more about different cultures around the world. Professional development or jobs training.
  • Neuropsychology

    Neuropsychology is concerned with understanding the nervous system and how when things go wrong causing cognitive deficits. Study this course to understand the impact of mental disorders, brain damage and disease on behaviour.
  • Professional Practice in Counselling

    Discover how to succeed in private practice as a consultant therapist. Learn how understanding yourself can benefit your clients, the importance of an ethical code, multicultural awareness and ongoing training amongst other things.
  • Professional Supervision

    Professional Supervision training for anyone working in the helping professions, nursing, counselling, teaching and those work in business. Improve your supervision skills.
  • Psychological Assessment

    Study Psychological Assessment distance learning course from home to work in psychology, human behaviour and counselling; with ACS Distance Education online or correspondence courses.
  • Psychology & Counselling

    School of Psychology - Psychology and Counselling course. Study human behaviour and counselling at ACS Distance Education. Learn online or by correspondence.
  • Psychopharmacology (Drugs & Psychology)

    Study this psychopharmacology course to understand how different types of drugs (manmade and natural) influence our behaviour. Discover how substance abuse, dependency, and withdrawal affect the nervous system, and the impact of drugs on society.
  • Social Psychology I

    School of Psychology - Study social psychology and social behaviour with the Social Psychology I course from the directory of Psychology, Human Behaviour and Counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Specialist Award in Psychology

    Professional development course for anyone working with people. An opportunity to develop specialised knowledge and applied learning in an aspect of psychology you are less familiar with.
  • Sports Psychology

    School of Psychology -Sports Psychology course from the directory of psychology, human behaviour and counselling courses at ACS Distance Education, for online or correspondence study.
  • Stress Management

    Stress is the number one cause of physical and mental illness around the world. Find out how it impacts on the human body and learn management strategies and relaxation skills through studying this course.