Special Offers Courses

  • Computer Servicing 1 SPECIAL OFFER

    Become a computer technician. Learn to repair and service computers including laptops. Gain employable skills, earn money. This course suits the beginner with limited understanding of the inside of a computer.
  • Computer Servicing 2 SPECIAL OFFER

    Learn about hardware and fault analysis. A computer servicing course for someone who already has a little knowledge or experience, but needs to bring that understanding of hardware to the next level.
  • E Commerce SPECIAL OFFER

    Learn about electronic marketing; 100 hour course - 100 hour self paced course for career or business development.
  • HTML -Writing a Web Site

    Learn to program web sites using html -by special offer.
  • Project Management - Special Offer

    Project Management Course by distance education. Project Management is a vital workplace skill.
  • Technical Writing SPECIAL OFFER

    Study technical writing. Learn to write everything from reports and manuals to scientific papers and business submissions.