Special Offers Courses

  • Aqua Fitness SPECIAL OFFER

    100 hrs training for fitness instructors, swim centre staff, rehabilitation professionals, sports coaches. Learn how deep water running, water aerobics, swimming etc. can be the best low impact exercise to build overall fitness and performance.
  • Aromatherapy SPECIAL OFFER

    Learn aromatherapy practices - home study course, to understand the concept of aromatherapy and how different herbs are often used for aromatherapy.
  • Associate Diploma in Food and Nutrition SPECIAL OFFER

    Nutritional Science School -Study human nutrition and nutritional health for a career or job with food science; learning nutrition by distance education, through online home study or by correspondence, food blog
  • Children's Nutrition - SPECIAL OFFER

    Children who eat well may have less illness, be better behaved, perform better at school. The time from birth to adulthood is one of growth, development, maturation and activity.
  • Climate Science SPECIAL OFFER

    Study Climate Science and understand how weather dynamics influence the natural world and the origins of climate change.
  • Earth Science SPECIAL OFFER

    Study geology, soils, rocks, weather, oceans, water courses and other aspects of the study of earth science; learning through distance education at home.
  • Ecotourism Tour Guide Course SPECIAL OFFER

    External (distance education) course develops skills to be a tour leader or guide in ecotourism. 100 hr training program provides solid foundation for gaining employment or starting a business as an ecotour operator, guide.
  • Marine Studies I - SPECIAL OFFER

    Study marine science from home, covers weather, nutrient cycles, reefs, shallow & deep water environments, marine animals & the human impact of environments.
  • Water Conservation And Management SPECIAL OFFER

    Study water conservation and water management at home, learning by distance education to better manage water resources for a sustainable water supply, a quality in the water supply and for flood mitigation.