Studying Marine Biology with ACS - Naomi Down

We are often told to be wary of following our dreams or wanting the dream career. But why? Why not do just that?

Work towards your dream and achieve just what you want to.

Naomi has studied to achieve her dream and look just where she is now.  Let’s hear Naomi’s story. 

It is interesting how such a simple event can set us on the path to learning. 

Naomi shares her story –


“My journey with ACS began in 2018 and was the first stage of my formal education after leaving primary school. I enjoyed spending time at the beach and looking in rock pools so my mum thought it would be good if I began studying marine biology. At first I did the course as a stand alone but loved it so much I began another… and then another… and then another.”


Naomi did definitely continue studying. She has completed ten courses in total with ACS, focussing on marine studies, earth science, mariculture, aquarium management, environmental assessment, aquaponics and biochemistry. This really has given her a good, in depth and wide knowledge of marine animals in particular.


Naomi says,

“I’m passionate about all things the sea, but I particularly like the fish. I love snorkelling and would love to visit a coral reef some day and sea 😉 the sharks.”


We asked Naomi, what courses were your favourites?

“I have studied ten courses in total with ACS…. and would love to do some more, in order of completion. My favourites being aquarium management and aquaponics.”

Can you tell us about your experience with ACS Distance Education?

Naomi said, “Throughout each course I have received constant support from my tutors and have always had the support I needed on my assignments to make them better. The reading material was of a high standard but almost always understandable for those new to the subject. I use the term almost understandable in relation to the Michaelis Menten equation about the velocity of enzymes in the biochemistry courses.”


Naomi also had a tip to share about studying –

“WARNING don’t study without coffee!😊”


So, what is Naomi up to now?

“Since finishing ACS, I have begun an Undergraduate in Sustainable Aquaculture at St Andrews Uni and hope to take internships at aquaria alongside it.”


What are her goals for the future?

“I have many goals for the future, but the top ones on my list include working in an aquarium, learning how to scuba dive, conducting snorkelling tours and reef surveys….

And taking a couple more ACS courses!”


Naomi describes herself as

“A very happy student! Naomi Down”


Congratulations Naomi on getting your internship. This is pretty amazing stuff. 

From everyone at ACS, we hope you enjoy your experience.



Do you have a dream of working in marine studies?

If you would like to find out more about the courses Naomi has studied, please click on the links below

Marine Studies 1

Marine Studies 2

Earth Science

Aquarium Management

Environmental Assessment


Biochemistry 1 Animals

Biochemistry 2 Plant and Animal

Biochemistry 3 Animal Processes



Or contact us for more information. Our FREE COURSE COUNSELLORS can help you decide on what course(s) are best for you and your goals.  

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