Certificate Qualifications to Suit You

Certificate Qualifications to Suit You


You want to study, but you are not sure what.  There are so many options today, so many different courses and sometimes it is hard to think which one is the right one for you. 


You might want to study to –

  • Get a promotion
  • Start a new business
  • Start a new job
  • Start a new hobby or interest
  • Update your knowledge

Whatever your reason for studying, you may be unsure of what course suits you and your needs.

The world is changing so rapidly and what is required in different jobs and careers can vary rapidly. 

People also often need a wide range of knowledge today. Some people are able to work in very specific niche areas, but most people need to know a lot about a range of different topics.


We can help!


We offer over 700 online courses, BUT students can design their own courses to suit them and their needs.

You can self-design a certificate qualification, where you choose six topics that you are interested in studying, that suit you and your needs.

Don’t worry if you are not sure though, our subject tutors are happy to discuss with you what modules most suit your requirements.


How Do The Self-Design Certificates Work?

A certificate qualification requires the completion of six x 100 hour modules.

  • You contact us and tell us what you are interested in. A tutor can then recommend suitable courses to suit you and your requirements. You can view all of our courses here.
  • OR you might already have an idea of what courses you would like to study.
  • Once you have decided on the six modules to make up the certificate, you let us know.
  • A tutor then checks to confirm that there is no overlap and that the course is suitable for you.
  • Once it is agreed, you can then choose to go ahead, enrol and get started.

Let’s look at a couple of examples -


Working With Animals – A Case Study


A student may want to work with animals, but they are unsure how. They think about the areas they could possibly work in, for example, animal health care, animal behaviour, grooming etc.   They want to set up a business that will focus on working with dogs.

They consider their options, such as dog walking, grooming, dog training, dog care.  They also like the idea of working with animals to help other people, perhaps in the form of pet therapy.


They begin to look around at courses and it becomes overwhelming –

What do they study?

Where do they study?

What should they study first?

We can help!


They could design a Certificate qualification that focusses specifically on setting up a business to work with dogs.

They could choose six modules from the ones listed below to set up their business working with dogs

As we said above, once they have decided on the six modules, these are confirmed with a tutor and the student can get started.

They can work through the modules in any order to suit them, with support from our enthusiastic and supportive tutors throughout.


It is that easy and that flexible!


Case Study 2 – Landscaping

Another student is interested in improving their landscaping business, but is unsure of what to study. They already have basic training in landscaping, so want to get more advanced training.  They consider their options –

They want to know more about landscaping home gardens, but they are particularly interested in natural garden and cottage garden designs. They are also fascinated with biophilic landscaping. The recognize that they need to update their technology skills to provide better designs for their custom and improve their knowledge of what plants to select in the gardens they design and landscape.


They contact a tutor for a FREE COURSE COUNSELLING and discuss modules.  They choose six modules to develop their certificate –

  1. Biophilic Landscaping
  2. Landscaping Home Gardens
  3. Cottage Garden Design
  4. Natural Garden Design
  5. CAD
  6. Plant Selection and Establishment

By studying these modules, they are –

  • Developing niche skills within landscaping
  • Expanding their existing landscaping knowledge
  • Improving their technological, horticultural and landscaping skills
  • Updating their knowledge with support from horticultural and computer experts.

What Can You Study?


We don’t just offer certificates in animal care, we also offer courses in –

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Writing
  • Journalism
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Science
  • Life coaching
  • Sports studies
  • Psychology
  • Counselling
  • IT

And much more. 


Specialise or Expand

You can focus on one area, such as horticulture. Or you might want to study a range of subjects that you are interested in, such as –

  • Creative writing and psychology
  • Horticulture and writing
  • Science and nutrition
  • Counselling and life coaching
  • Permaculture and horticulture
  • Animal Husbandry and Animal Nutrition

These are just some examples. The options are virtually limitless. 


How to Study!


You can study –

  • What you want!  You pick the modules that suit you and your needs.
  • When you want!  You can start our courses at a time to suit you and work at your own pace. We don’t set deadlines. We realise that people have busy lives and sometimes have more time than others, so you study when it suits you and your lifestyle.
  • How you want! You can study at home, at work, in a coffee shop, on the train, a library, the beach or wherever suits you. You can work on your computer, a tablet, your phone or paper. 

The aim of ACS Distance Education is to provide people with flexible and high quality education, so we want you to be able to study at a time and location to suit you, and to study the topics you want to study.


Thinking of Studying a Certificate Qualification


Remember, they are flexible and to suit you and your needs. Why not get in touch with our tutors and find out more about the courses that will be just what you want!

Our tutors are happy to discuss what you want to achieve from the certificate qualification and what modules might interest you.   


Join the thousands of happy  students studying online now with ACS and  design a life that suits you  !! 


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