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Take a look at the latest 10 courses added to our website.
  • Physics II (Applied Physics)

    Physics forms a foundation for many professions such as engineering, construction and architecture. In this course, we will discuss electricity, power generation, relativity, imaging and much more.
  • Farm Tourism

    Set up and run a farm tourism or agritourism venture to expand a farming business to allow tourists to visit.
  • Pet Therapy

    Learn about how animals and pets can be used to improve people’s mental and physical health in pet therapy and animal therapy
  • Business Storytelling

    Business Storytelling course- position your business using appropriate language understand effective copywriting, public relations, marketing communications or other business communication.
  • Wellness Coaching

    Wellness coaching course for those wanting to help others achieve physical and psychological wellness.
  • Oenology-Winemaking

    Learn to make different types of wine, assess and analyse wine quality, investigate the chemistry and microorganisms involved in wine processing, and oversee the entire winemaking process.
  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI makes use of deep learning and machine learning, while trying to resolve an issue logically in its own programming language. AI has an enormous number of applications in various fields.
  • Forestry Foundations

    Learn how to grow and manage timber for production, how urban forests are managed as sustainable assets, how agroforestry is specific to growing trees on farms and learn management for commercial plantations, native and natural forests.
  • Materials Technology

    Learn to manage the selection and use of different materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and others for the creation and repair of a wide variety of products. 100 hour online course.
  • Back Health Care

    Study this online course in back health care to understand how to recognise a range of skeletal, muscular and neurological back problems and determine appropriate interventions.