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  • Disability Support

    Study Disability Support. Self paced, 100 hour online course for anyone working in disability care or support, as a volunteer, employment or a career.
  • Interior Design Fundamentals

    Study Interior Design online. Self paced foundation course. Learn to design your own home or build your skills to work in the interior design industry.
  • Energy Storage

    Learn about Batteries and other forms of energy storage. A 100 hour, self paced, remote learning course.
  • Marine Ecology

    Learn to understand marine environments from coasts and reefs to open seas and ocean depths. Study marine ecology and how the living and non living components of seas and oceans fit together.
  • Pet Food Business

    Learn about manufacturing pet foods and the food and nutrition needs of different types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Event Management

    Learn to organise events that can be attended online - as part of a larger live event, or a completely virtual event. These can be conferences, seminars, performances, exhibitions, trade shows or anything else.
  • Cabinet Making

    Learn practical skills and approaches for planning, organisation, assembly and fitting of cabinets for varied use.

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