Qualifications offered at ACS Distance Education

  • We offer more options than almost any other college
  • Choose from around 600 different 100 hour courses to create a qualification
  • Alternatively, select a standard combination of modules for one of our standard courses. Many of these listed below.
THE BEST WAY FORWARD -To get your choice right; it is always better to have a dialogue with someone who understand both the discipline and the study options. Contact our academic staff and explore your best opportunities by using our free counselling service -no cost! no obligation! click here
These qualifications are unique to our school; designed as a very in depth, professional education; to prepare graduates for a successful career in their chosen discipline, giving them understanding, awareness and problem solving skills that enhance their capacity to perform, whether in their own business or working for someone else.

All too often graduates from mainstream university degrees or diplomas, are finding employment is difficult to get. Mainstream education has not kept up with the needs of a rapidly changing world. As such, people with a Microsoft qualification (for instance), are commonly more successful than those with a university degree. 

Our courses have been designed to differentiate from degrees and diplomas, and to offer what we believe is a better option to prepare for a sustainable career.

Advanced Certificate

An Advanced Certificate consists of 8 modules (combined nominal duration of at least 800 hours) Plus 100 hours of work experience or industry meetings

Prerequisites: Year 11; or 1 year of relevant full time work following year 10; or a reputable certificate; or over 21 years of age; or equivalent (contact school for more information)



A Certificate at ACS consists of 6 modules (combined nominal duration of at least 600 hours).

Prerequisites: Year 10; or 1 year of relevant full time work following year 9; or over 21 years of age; or equivalent (contact school for more information).


Specialist Awards and other Awards

A proficiency award is a specialist qualification, for people who already have a “foundation” knowledge of a subject; but who wish to undertake limited specialist study in that field. This award allows you to attain a formal qualification without needing to make as much of a commitment as a full certificate.

A Proficiency Award is made up of 3 modules (combined nominal duration of at least 300 hours).  Plus 200 hours of work experience or industry meetings.


Qualifications are only part of what you need. 

To increase your chances for employment, you need to work on developing not only knowledge and skills, but also think about working on other things that impress employers in what is a highly competitive area of employment.

Consider all of the things that employers look for:

  • Knowledge –what you know…scope, depth, quality & relevance
  • Physical Skills -what you can do
  • Contacts –who are you networked with
  • Momentum –are you continuing to develop in life, or are you stagnant
  • Motivation
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Presentation –how you appear, grooming, body language etc
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Experience
  • Life Balance –Mental & physical stability
  • Credentials –formal qualifications, licenses, industry affiliations/memberships

Employers will choose to employ you because of who you are, what you can do and what you know.
Your learning actually counts for a lot more than what your qualifications do!
Let us help you choose a qualification that will not be a waste of your time.