How to Study with ACS Distance Education?

Information for New Students


 Welcome to ACS Distance Education! This page provides a quick summary of who we are and what we do.
  • ACS was established in 1979.
  • We offer 400+ courses, which can be studied by USB (no internet connection required), online, or by traditional correspondence (paper notes). You are supplied with all the material required to complete the course.
  • When you study with ACS you can begin at any time, and work at your own pace. ACS offers short 100 hour courses, right through to advanced diplomas (which are around 2400 hours), and everything in between. Generally, a 100 hour course will take less than a year of part time study to complete, while a certificate (600 hours) will take around 6- 9 months if studied full time, or around 2 years if part time.
  • Start with a short 8 minute orientation video that explains how to study, and how to use the wide range of support services we offer.
  • ACS tutors are all highly qualified and experienced. You will be assigned a tutor upon submission of your first assignment. In addition, you will be able to contact a range of academic staff by email and phone both in Australia and the UK for guidance during work hours if required.
  • If practical work is required, you are provided with guidance on how to complete it from wherever you are.
  • ACS offers discounts for multiple enrolments, and CD study.
  • ACS students also receive a 10% discount on purchases from ACS Online Bookshop!
  • ACS holds a range of different non-government accreditations and recognitions. Close industry involvement means many employers sponsor staff through our courses. Some ACS courses are recognised by various institutions and associations worldwide.
  • As an ACS Student, in addition to your course materials, you will receive a Student Handbook, and access to the ACS Student Room which includes the Online Student Magazine, (which provides opportunity for publishing), ACS Online Library, Student Directory (an online community of ACS students), an Image Re-Sizing Tool, and a Student Noticeboard.
  • ACS is part of a network of affiliated colleges (AGP) which together educate tens of thousands of students yearly worldwide.















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