ACS Distance Education has added three new courses to its range of excellent distance learning courses designed to inspire, teach and guide writers on the path to expanding and improving their creative writing skills.

From the magic of poetry, and the appeal of dramatic writing, to nurturing and exploring your innermost creative writing streak, these courses provide an invaluable opportunity for anyone wanting to take the journey towards becoming a writer.

As always with any ACS Distance Education course, the students are supported by experienced tutors and administrative staff to present them with an outstanding learning experience.

If you would like more information on any of these courses or other Writing and Journalism courses on offer through ACS Distance Education and our national and international affiliates, please contact ACS Distance Education on 07 55621088, or visit

DRAMATIC WRITING (New short course)

Aspiring writers looking for an avenue into the niche area of Dramatic Writing will be pleased to hear that there is now an invaluable way to begin the journey from your own home.

The new Dramatic Writing course offers students the opportunity to learn about what drama is and how to write a dramatic story.

There are many different types of writing – short stories, poems, novels, screen plays etc, with Dramatic Writing falling into all of these areas.

The course includes developing characters, looking at theme and genre, plot development, story weaving, writing a dramatic short story, developing subplots, before moving onto writing for a dramatic novel.

This 100-hour distance learning course is suitable for everyone from the complete beginner to students with previous writing experience.

POETRY (New short course)

Whatever you write has sound.

People hear your words in their heads, and so the sounds you create can draw people's attention to your message.

Poets use a range of musical and figurative devices to achieve their effects, and the new ACS Distance Education Poetry course helps aspiring poets learn not only about the huge variety of poetry styles, but will also help develop skills to both understand and write poetry.

The 100-hour course covers a broad spectrum, from visiting the works of iconic poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare, understanding classic styles such as Italian sonnets to 21st Century visual poetry, to getting your own work published.


Incorporating all the elements of great writing, this new certificate with ACS Distance Education will set anyone on the right path to a successful future in writing.

This new 600-hour course covers Creative Writing, Children's Writing, Dramatic Writing, Editing 1, Poetry, and Writing Fiction, ensuring the student has a firm grasp on each of these invaluable writing styles.

To be successful as a creative writer, you need to develop not only writing skills; but also a technique and an ability to distil your ideas, focus on a project and follow that project trough to its conclusion.

If you want to be a successful, creative writer and have the commitment to follow that dream, this course could be the path you have been looking for.



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