Distance Education Gets Green Light

A recent report from IBISWorld, one of the world’s leading strategic business information providers, has predicted on-line education to grow by 25% over the next 12 months. This is not surprising during a time of global recession given distance education’s green credentials and cost-effectiveness. In response to increased worldwide demand, ACS, a leading provider of distance education in Australia, has just relaunched its new look global website.

Reasons to choose green education include:

  • Study at home means no transport or fuel costs leading to pollution
  • Less physical resources and space needed to provide education
  • On-line learning removes the need for paper, and ultimately save trees
  • Fewer bureaucratic costs reduces load on environment and economy
  • Better value for money education


Global Education Gathers Pace

On-line education is one of the fastest growing industries. As it expands the world gets smaller. The advent of global education in recent years means that it is becoming available to more and more people. All you need is access to a computer. At the forefront of the emerging international education system is the Australian Correspondence Schools (ACS). They have recently relaunched and overhauled their global website and have new look European and UK websites to complement their Australian ones. ACS is part of an international network of colleges operating in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and the UK. Courses are offered to those seeking new careers or professional development and are accredited through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC).


Don’t Keep it ALL in the Family

The family is the most important structure in our lives. From the moment we are born we learn the rules and values of family and learn to adapt to them. As we grow, the family becomes central to a wider network of social and cultural structures.

Is it any wonder that the family is also the place where many problems begin? Given the strength of family bonds, problems within the family unit make for a difficult ‘nut to crack’. Family counselling is not a new concept but what is new is a course in family counselling now being offered by ACS Distance Education. This fascinating course introduces the student to family dynamics, historical perspectives, support structures, different approaches to family therapy, and ultimately counselling solutions. It can be studied as an individual module for personal interest or professional development, or as part of a higher level qualification.
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