8 things to consider when getting a new pet



There are many fantastic reasons to bring a new pet into your home, whether it is your first pet or perhaps a new addition. They bring joy and excitement as a new additional member of the family. Pets can be fun for children whilst providing them with a sense of responsibility. They can provide company, love and positive energy to people when they are feeling down, and in general are good for our physical and mental health.

These are great reasons for keeping a pet, but this does not mean that you should rush and adopt the first pet you see. Selecting the right pet should take time and careful consideration. There are many factors to contemplate before bringing a new pet into your household.

1/ Your Current Situation- do you have appropriate space, time and money to commit to a new pet?

2/ Younger Members of the Family- if you have small children you should not leave them unsupervised with a new pet.

3/ Understanding of the Species/Breeds- It is important to research the species, and breed, of the considered pet and gain a good understanding of what is involved in terms of their care. The care involves all husbandry duties, appropriate diet, adequate exercise, mental and physical stimulation and also the natural habits for the animal in question.

4/ Pet Friendly Household and Surroundings- Depending on the species or breed of pet you are considering it is definitely worth ensuring your house contains no hazards which may upset the health or the behaviour of the animal. This will vary depending on the animal in question. The surrounding area in which you
 live should also be suitable for the pet.

5/ Affordability- Can you afford to feed the animal its required diet, and also upkeep of any husbandry duties? You need to consider routine health care, emergency health care, neutering and legal requirements.

6/ Legalities- Legislation is always changing and it is worth checking any relative legal requirements to keeping a new pet in your own locality

7/ Why not Consider Adoption- There are so many loving pets purchased each year, and so many end up being abandoned, neglected or handed into re homing centres. Many of these centres are at full capacity, and many animals end up being euthanized as a result of this. Rather as buying from the pet trade or breeding trade, it is definitely worth considering adoption.

8/ Consider the Adjustment Period, Positive Training and Stimulation- Remember, any new animal you bring into your household will be stressed. This is a new experience for them and should always be done calmly. Let them become accustomed to their new surroundings. Sometimes the adjustment period can take hours, days and sometimes weeks, depending on the animal.


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