How to Lose Weight -A Holistic Approach

There are many people who claim that by loving the body as it is; being content and happy within oneself; getting plenty of rest and making time for relaxation; and by following a normal healthy eating pattern, people can be slim and strong without really trying to be.

The holistic approach to treating obesity takes the whole person into account. By that we mean their physical needs, emotional state, mental strains and spiritual needs. Researchers into this area have found, when obese people are asked to discuss ‘why they eat or over eat’, hunger is often found to be one of the last points mentioned if at all.

A holistic approach to treating obesity and controlling weight is outlined briefly below:

  • People should love themselves regardless of their weight or body issues – when people feel good they treat themselves well
  • People should try to connect with their bodies desires – this means the body can communicate to us what it needs through illness for example. People should aim to learn what the body needs and eat accordingly. Over time, this will result in a natural weight loss.
  • People should only eat when they are hungry and stop before they are full – the human body is very clever. When the body needs fuel from food it tells us i.e. we feel hungry! Eat in response to your body’s needs and stop before you are full. If people stop before they feel uncomfortable and full, this is when they body can carry out its optimum digestion and again they body will naturally move towards an ideal weight as a result.
  • People should learn the reasons why they eat – the journey to achieving an ideal weight is also a journey of self-discovery. People can view this as a time to learn about themselves. What triggers them? What needs are they satisfying when they turn to food? How else can they achieve satisfaction in their life without food?
  • People should aim to eradicate self-judgement – don’t get caught up in goals and targets, this too often leads to failure. Welcome self-discovery and learning during the weight loss program and don’t allow negative judgements of yourself, this will only lead to negative emotions and a feeling of depression or even failure.
  • People should not assess success only based on weight loss seen on scales – this only focuses on the negative too often. People should aim to focus on how good they are feeling, seeing visible results and take motivation from when others comment on weight loss or how they are looking.
  • People should eat what they want – it is an old saying that we always want what we can’t have. If intake of pleasurable and enjoyed foods is limited or removed then this encourages binge eating. The body learns that no foods are off limits and so people naturally gravitate towards eating what the body craves.


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