How to Focus for Positive Learning

1. Do this by identifying and writing down why you are studying, and where you might use what you learn in the future (this may build awareness of relevance, and in doing so raise your motivation).

2. Be more attentive – determine to focus on your future gains by concentrating now.

3. Learn to put your mind into a positive and enthusiastic state before studying - for example, this can involve meditation techniques. Exercise, healthy food, and good sleep will also help.

4. Be prepared before starting a lesson – by revising what you went over in the last lecture or lesson notes you will be prepared to add to that learning in the next session.

5. Do not try to rush though a course with minimal effort in order to simply complete it.

6. Communicate with others who are also studying the same subject, have studied it in the past or have an interest in the subject.

7. Understand your teacher, the course, the methods that are being used to teach you, and the aims that you and the teacher are working towards.

8. Know the expectations of your teacher or your course.

Focus is Important
It is important to focus when we are learning. Imagine sitting in front of the TV with a textbook in your hands. We are easily distracted, something comes on the TV and we start watching that instead of studying. Or we think we are
reading, but look back at the previous page and find we haven’t taken in any of the information and can’t recall reading it.

When we are planning to learn something, it is therefore important that we are physically and mentally prepared.

We are all different, so how we learn best will differ. Some people may learn well with background noise from the TV or music, whilst others may need absolute silence.

When you are planning to learn something, consider how you learn best. Consider – you might need your own desk or room where you study best. You might find you can work well at the kitchen table. You might need to go to the library to study or another quiet place. You may find you work well in a coffee shop with hustle and bustle around you. This is something
YOU need to determine. The key is to experiment until you find what is right for you. If you like being where you are learning and studying, if this environment is set up with some of your favourite things that are not too distracting, things that make you feel relaxed happy and confident, then you are more likely to go there to focus on learning. Make it a permanent place set aside just for you for your study.