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Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden. Whether you want a garden which you can work in, play in, or simply look at and feel proud of, then this is the course for you. Topics covered include: designing gardens, styles of gardens, drawing plans, understanding soils, basic landscape construction, weeds & pests, planting & pruning, lawns & other surfacings, garden features, plus a special project to help you develop your own garden.

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Learn how to grow delicious, fresh, healthy vegetables simply at home. You will learn such things as:
  • How To Build A Veggie Garden
  • Cultivation & Planting
  • The Main Types Of Vegetables
  • How To Make Great Compost
  • Pest, Disease & Weed Control
  • Hydroponic & Greenhouse Growing
  • Herbs & Uncommon Vegetable Varieties
  • Watering & Irrigation Systems
  • Harvesting, Storing & Using Vegetables
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Grow fresh fruit, berries and nuts efficiently and economically. Learn how to raise soil fertility, choose the best fruits for you situation, and grow them in a way which minimises pest & disease problems. Both cool and warm climate fruits are covered, and throughout the course you are given the option to concentrate your studies on the types of fruit which are of most interest to you.

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Become the gardening expert in your family with this broad based home gardening course. There are eight units each comprising two or three lessons, with each lesson involving both reading and practical work. You will learn:
  • How To Identify Plants
  • How To Grow Healthy Vigorous Plants
  • How To Propagate Your Own Plants
  • Preparing & Improving Soils
  • Introduction To Landscaping
  • How To Grow "Perfect" Indoor Plants
  • Growing & Maintaining A Quality Lawn
  • How To Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs
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This is a great starting point for those who have little experience in horticulture or hydroponics; and whose main interest is growing AT HOME. Unlike our other hydroponic courses this course is not intended for commercial growing. Learn the theory behind hydroponic culture and gain first hand practical experience setting up your own basic hydroponic system. There are ten lessons that cover topics such as:
  • Basic Chemistry & Plant Nutrition
  • Nutrient Solutions
  • Types Of Systems & Media
  • Plant Problems In Hydroponics
  • How A Plant Grows
  • Plant Culture In Hydroponics
  • Vegetables In Hydroponics
  • Cut Flowers In Hydroponics
  • Comparison Of Solid Media Versus Water Culture
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