Psychology Student Feedback

Psychology & Counselling
Erin Miller, Australia - Psychology and Counselling
[My tutor] provides great feedback and encouragement. [The course] allows you and asks you to apply your life experiences first hand to the assignments, and is designed to give you room to creatively think and explain the readings, while also digging deeper into the research that's available via internet, books, online library etc.

Allan M Eno MSc, BSc (Hons) Degree, Clinical Supervisor/Manager, Harley St, London, UK - Professional Supervision
The course was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding the application of supervision and how to apply supervision to different professions. The course exceeded my expectations, in particular because it explored other aspects of supervision such as burn-out, professionalism, ethics and legal concerns. The course has a very comprehensive approach to supervision, which makes for a more rounded supervisor.

Brenda Harvey, Australia - Counselling Skills I
This course has been extremely valuable to me as throughout those 5 months my friends all seemed to go through some crisis or other.  I have learned so much that I could put into practice and from the responses I have had, it's been very positive.  Tutor feedback was fantastic.  All individual answers were given a comment which helped me understand if I missed something.

Lisa Macnaughton, Australia - Crisis Counseling
I think the information is good - it will enhance my practice as a case manager working with elderly ethnic people. Gavin Cole is an excellent tutor. His comments are very helpful and he is very quick at getting my assignments back.

Lanka Narsinga Rao, Australia - Introduction to Psychology
[This course] is really valuable, because we can imagine and identify people's behaviour and social/environmental effects on personality.  We can be aware of our own children's psychological aspects and their childhood development.  Very good outcome from the course.

Deana Efraemson, Australia - Aged Care and Counselling
[Work marked] promptly and with comments that show detailed reading of my work. I have been impressed by the quick turn-around time and the feedback I’ve received.  Having the course structured into 9 lessons has been helpful for me in approaching the course and fitting it into a busy schedule.

The marking is always very prompt and is providing lots of feedback which assists in knowing where I may have fallen short in my answers or done very well.

Larissa Kalnins, Aust - Psychology & Counselling course
The notes and study tools encourage me to conduct research to develop my knowledge of components in my course. It is very worthwhile. [My tutor] gives me good feedback and food for thought with her comments and sometimes elaborates on my answers - really value her input.

Yvonne Munshi, South Africa, Bio Psychology
I am beginning to understand how the brain works, and it is opening up a whole new dimension! Its fantastic.

Judy Augustine, Child Care worker, Child Psychology course, Australia.
It's very interesting. I am always fascinated by the children's behaviour. Helps in my work and with my own children, to have a clear understanding of their nature/nurture. I made the right choice of my course. The credit goes to ACS.

Mary Ann Cohen, Grief Counselling, Australia.
Being able to apply myself to distance education for the topic that interests me has been invaluable. Living in a remote area has a number of disadvantages. The lack of access to continuing education is one of great importance. Successfully completing the Grief Counselling course has enabled me to think ahead and possibly attempt future studies on this much needed issue.

C.V. Lakshmi, India, Industrial Psychology
Very much valuable. The course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited. I am gaining lot of knowledge through the course. The assignments are really good as it help the students to think out-of-the box and answer. I am very happy doing this course as I am gaining a lot of insight. Also, professionalism and the support being extended by my tutor and admin team (Elaine and team) is really great and I am thankful to them.

Chantal Jackson, Australia - Life Coaching
[My tutor] gives really useful feedback: she lets me know what I am doing that is working and where I've missed something she points it out. I feel she's really giving my assignments thought and attention. I'm loving the course. I am getting so much out of it. The readings are very good and the assignments are really making me think and build my skill levels

Suzanne Payne, Australia - Aged Care & Counselling .
Yes it was [a valuable learning experience]. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and my knowledge regarding aging and in particular healthy aging was practically non-existent. I enjoyed some aspects of the counseling. Yes it did [reach my expectations] and more. The grief and loss, losing a loved one, retirement, debilitating illness and the section on preparing for approaching death [were of particular interest]. It was presented in a very logical, methodical order. I received good feedback from my Tutor. I enjoyed the course and definitely believed I gained a lot from completing the course.