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These conditions apply to any enterprise that seeks to establish rights to courses and support services developed by Australian Correspondence Schools.

The ACS policy is to only negotiate with organisations that satisfy IARC recognition criteria. It is preferable that affiliates join IARC www.iarcedu.com


It is a normal requirement that an affiliate joins IARC.

Any proposal must fulfill the following requirements in order to be given serious consideration:

  • Any establishment costs incurred by ACS including manpower, materials etc. need to be covered by you in an initial payment. We are not prepared to allocate funds toward setting up agencies or any other form of representation. Usually this is negotiated as a non refundable advance payment. A common amount would be around $3,000 AUD for a license; though higher fees may apply if higher establishment costs are anticipated.
  • There must be provision for a minimum monthly payments (commonly AUD$200 or more) and a minimum payment per course sold. A minimum return to ACS of $3000 per year would be expected to sustain any affiliation.
  • Arrangements may or may not initially be limited in terms of range of courses and region of operation. This can be expanded when the arrangement is proven to be profitable.
  • The affiliate is expected to commit to a timetable for setting up and offering courses; and within that time frame, to allocate one or more appropriate staff to undergo an orientation-training program with ACS staff, during which time they will learn about the product and support ser5vices; and discuss approaches to marketing and course delivery. Administrative arrangements need to be simple. We don't want a complex arrangement that involves time and effort to monitor.
  • The statisfying of IARC recognition standards 
  • ACS will not grant exclusive rights within any market. We believe the world is a single market place in the 21st century. To restrict access of ACS or any affiliate to any market place is an inequitable restriction placed upon students freedom to choose who they might study with.


These are meant as a <font-weight="bold">starting point for negotiation. </font-weight="bold">We do recognise that economic conditions vary in different countries, and with that in mind, we are receptive to negotiating a realistic arrangement according to the situation; provided that the broad provisions outlined above can be met.

<text-align="center">ACS is not particularly seeking commission agents, though we will consider commision agents for selling a limited range of products including:</text-align="center">

  • Courses on CD
  • Videos
  • E-Books

We are not interested in other institutions selling courses which we would need to service.