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We are asked a lot of questions about training and careers. "What is the best course for my goals?" "What is it like to work as a ...?" To make it easy, we've combined our years of experience to create easy to follow maps that will lead you through your options in your field of interest. Have fun!


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Amenity Horticulture- growing plants to produce a desirable or useful feature somewhere (for aesthetics, environmental quality, functionality).

Commercial Horticulture - providing services or products that can be sold from consulting and landscaping to nursery, flower and vegetable crops.

Working with animals can be a rewarding career- whether you are working with pets, farming or wildlife.

Coaching is about getting people to make better choices or lead better lives fulfilling their potential personally and professionally.

Counselling is a form of talking therapy. Counsellors will help a person come to terms with issues or difficulties they are experiencing and moving on with their lives.

Writing can be a way to communicate and entertain people. There are lots of career opportunities in writing.



Business most employment today is self employment - as a contractor or business owner.

Health & Wellbeing a very large part of our time and money is spent on trying to improve our lives.



Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to real world problems.

Science and technology underpin most modern industries and as such, there are jobs in most industries that involve using scientific knowledge..



The Leisure Industry provides services and facilities to people in their active and passive leisure activities.





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