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Student Stories- Pocket Herbs

Diversifying and Expanding


Pocket Herbs are located in Burringbar in Northern NSW and grow quality micro herbs for high end restaurants and retailers. They started off as a family production, producing small quantities of micro herbs. When they learned that there was a demand for their produce, the scale of production increased.

Micro greens and baby leaf herbs are simply young seedlings of greens or herbs that are intensely flavoured, tender and beautiful. They are typically harvested after 7-18 days and though small in size, micro greens are packed full of flavour and nutrients and look great.
Micro Greens/Baby Leaf Herbs are smaller and more tender than baby lettuces, yet more robust and flavourful than sprouts!

Micro Greens/Baby Leaf Herbs are propagated from flowering plant seeds. Plants are normally harvested just past the cotyledon stage when the plants’ possess an active green bud and ‘propyls’ or first true leaves. This is before the baby green stage – around the onset of photosynthetic sustainability. The stem and baby leaves are all that are consumed… not the roots as would be the case with alfalfa and bean sprouts.

Pocket herbs are looking at the option of growing edible flowers and have enrolled their staff into some courses with ACS Distance Education to learn new skills. This is a great example of a business growing with market demands, identifying gaps in the market and evolving their product range to meet market demands and trends.

More information on Pocket Herbs is here