Frequently Asked Questions- How we work?

If you have questions about how we work, please read through the FAQs below.

What is in it for me?
Our focus is on you helping you learn and develop new skills. We want you to get the best out of your study experience with us. 
When you study with us you will get:
- Up-to-date course material
- The opportunity to lead your learning
- The opportunity to test your learning – learn where you need to focus your efforts or refresh your learning 
- Feedback on areas you might be really good at or need some improvement
- The opportunity to engage with your tutor and ask meaningful questions that can help you learn
- To conduct practical learning tasks to help you solidify your learning
- To know the industry by talking to people in the industry or conducting research about the industry you are learning about. 
- Learn and help in how to structure your time and practice self-discipline
- Receive guidance to self-manage your study time
- A certificate posted to you at the end of your learning journey (once you have completed your course work and assignment and exam).

We always ask you about your goals so we can align your learning experience with your unique needs. Want to get a new job? Need different skills? Let us know, and we’ll recommend courses to help. Get in touch with our helpful team today. 

When can I start?

You can start your course anywhere, anytime – we have no semesters or terms, you start when you are ready.

Do I need to do any previous study before I enrol? What are the entry requirements for our courses?
There are no prerequisites to enrol with us.

What is this course?
Statement of Attainment (100 hour course) – This course is a 100- hour course that is aimed at providing you with a basic foundation study in your selected discipline. This is a great way to fill in a learning gap, adding in some professional development as a stepping-stone for further learning.

Specialist Awards – This course is a 500-hour course comprised of three modules and 200 hours of work or industry experience. Specialist awards are helpful for people looking for professional development or learning extension.

Certificate – This course is a 600- hour course that is aimed at providing you with a solid understanding in your selected discipline. When you have completed all of the material you should be confidently able to apply for jobs and know that you have a good understanding and can apply yourself in the industry that you are wanting to work in.

Advanced Certificate – This course is a 900- hour course that is aimed at providing you with a solid understanding in your selected discipline and get some industry experience at the same time. When you have completed all of the material you should be able to apply for jobs with confidence, knowing that you have a good understanding and can apply yourself in the industry that you want to work in.

What is the timing of the course?
You work through the courses at your own pace. So, for example, if you allow 10 hours per week to study, you could finish a 100-hour course in 10 weeks. This is a rough estimate and includes reading, research and assignments. You pace yourself, so if you can study a lot in one week, but not so much the next, that’s fine. You can manage your own workload; assignments do not have due dates.

What do I get when I enrol with ACS?
Irrespective of your study method, you will still have access to ask your tutor for help when you need it and you will also need to conduct independent research for set tasks and assignments. We have 3 ways for you to study and receive your course materials:

Online -- You can login to our online Student Portal and access your course notes. You can download, print, read, complete the online tests, submit assignments, message your tutor, and access student resources. You get access to your course a few hours after enrolling (during business hours). You can also download course notes to other devices (including a USB or your smart phone or tablet) or print them out.

E-learning – Your course materials are posted to you on a USB. This option is great if you have no reliable internet. The USB will have everything you need to study on it. You will still need to submit assignments. You can do this online, via email, or by mailing them into us. 

Correspondence – The course materials are printed, bound and posted to you. 

All students are granted online access to the ACS Student Portal, where you can submit assignments, ask tutor questions, apply for an exam or access student resources. Although you are supplied with the lesson notes, you will still have to conduct research which is relevant to your own situation and location.

Our tutors are here to support you and we encourage our students to interact with them and ask questions when needed.

How does the course work?

Our courses are 100% distance and there is no need to travel or attend face-to-face sessions. Basically, you work through the course which involves – reading the course materials, completing the Set Tasks,  working through the Self-Assessment Tests (SATs), then completing the assignment and submitting them one at a time. Your tutor will mark your assignment and return it with feedback. Please allow up to 7 working days for marking. There is one assignment per lesson. 
The great thing about studying with us is the access you get to your tutor. Whenever you need help with your course work – just ask – your tutor is here to help you. Our courses are supported by professional tutors, who will providing valuable feedback and support.

Once you have successfully completed the exam (see below), we will post out your certificate. Take a look at our video for more information.

Ok, but what about practical experience?
There are practical components built into the course that have been designed to be achieved by anyone, anywhere. If you are unable to complete a task for any reason, you can ask your tutor for an alternative.

Do I have to sit an exam?
If you would like us to send you a formal award at the end of the course, you will need to do an exam. It’s a simple process -- a written exam taken when and where you like. All you need to do is find a supervisor who can sit with you during the exam (note that this can’t be a relative).

Generally, there is one exam per 100-hour module – and they cost AUD$50 + GST. So, to receive a Statement of Attainment (100-hour course) you will have to sit 1 exam. If you choose not to sit the exam, you can request a Letter of Completion when you have finished your assignment work. You only need to sit exams if you would like to receive the formal award from us.

Please note that exams are compulsory for 500-hour Specialist Awards, 600-hour Certificates and 900-hour Advanced Certificates.

More information about exams can be found here.

What are the fees?

The course fees will depend upon your location and study mode. The best place to see all of the options is under the orange button that says, 'view fees'. There are also payment plans available. Course fees vary depending on how you would like to receive your course material and whether you are in Australia or not. 

There are no hidden costs when studying with us- your course fees and exams are all you will need to pay.

How do I enrol?
Simple – just click on the green ‘Enrol Now’ button, complete your details and pay the course fees. We will be in touch within a few hours of you enrolling (during business hours).

Note that we are closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and during some public holidays.

How long do I have to finish my course?
You have one year to complete a 100-hour course, and 3 years to complete a Certificate course. We understand that our students have busy lives, so we try to stay as flexible as we can. If you need more time after you have enrolled, please contact our Student Services team at:

Do I need to buy books?
No. All materials are provided, though we do ask our students to engage in independent research. We consider learning to be a process and our courses reflect this with the inclusion of a mix of course notes (course materials), student investigations and research, self-assessment quizzes, assignment submissions and very importantly... tutor interactions and feedback.

Do you offer scholarships?
We do not. As a private international college, we do not receive any government funding. This means we are unable to sponsor coursework or offer scholarships.

Are your courses Nationally Recognised in Australia?
Our courses are not in the VET system and not considered Nationally Recognised. We are not a Registered Training Organisation and our courses are not purchased training packages. This means that our courses are regularly updated and full of practical materials that focus on the real world.

Our courses are written by our staff, who all have many years of experience and have qualifications in their specialty area.
We stay on top of industry best practice and belong to many industry organisations You can read more about our professional relationships here.

Are you internationally accredited?
Our courses focus on practical learning and as such, are outside national accreditation systems. This allows us to remain independent and innovative. If you need a course that is recognised by governments and industry in a particular country or countries, we recommend you check with your local regulatory authorities or associations.

I can’t find a program that suits me. Can you help?
We offer a self-design option for multi-module programs (programs of more than 100-hours). To do this, you select the modules you’re interested in, then email us with this selection and some more information on what you’re looking for. Our academic staff will review your suggested program, then get in touch with more details.

Do you offer Recognition of Prior Learning?
Yes, RPL is available for Specialist Awards and courses over 100 hours. Visit the RPL page here for more information.

Can I get a job at the end of the course?
Employers value candidates with industry skills, knowledge, practical skills and formal learning. Our courses arm you with all of those things to help prepare you for a job or start your own business. Obviously, the longer you study the more you will learn. 

We sometimes suggest that people contact businesses where their 'dream job' may be and ask questions like “What kind of attributes do you look for in your job candidates?” This is a great way to get to know more about the industry and the general attitudes of employers in the industry.

Take a look at our career maps for the kinds of jobs you might like to focus on.

Are your courses region-specific?
We deliver our courses all over the world. We provide the topic fundamentals and each student applies them to their special interest, region and circumstances – with the one-on-one guidance of a tutor. There is quite a lot of student-directed research involved.

I have no experience/I didn’t finish school- can I still do your course?
Absolutely. Our courses are open to anyone, anywhere.

I am under 18. Can I still take your course?
Yes, we just need written consent from your parent/ guardian.

I have special learning needs. Can I still take your course?
We do have learning support staff who can help adapt assignments and exams. Contact our student services team to discuss your options.

I want to gain more experience. Can you help me find an internship/work placement?
No, we recommend that students get to know the industry themselves. This is a great way to learn about the industry, network and get to know people within the industry. We can provide a letter to say that you are studying with us if you need it.

Can your courses be used to meet visa requirements?

I have a relative in prison. Can they still take your course?
Yes, we can print and bind notes for postage. We can also accept assignments via post if there is no option for email.

English is not my first language. Can I still take your courses?
Course materials are available in English only. If you are able to read and write in English, we do not require any prior assessments to study with us, you will need to be able to assess your own capabilities prior to enrolling. If you are unsure, please contact our Student Services department.

Will your courses help me access Centrelink benefits?
Generally, no. Depending on your circumstances, we recommend you speak with your local Centrelink office about options.

Can I work with a particular tutor or academic staff member?
No. Our student services team will assign tutors based on relevant expertise, including knowledge of a particular market, specialty area, current workload, and availability. You can read more about our academic staff here.

Can I use your courses to apply for certification or licensing?
All material is intended for professional development. Our courses are not professional certifications. We recommend you check with the associations and regulatory bodies within your area for details on any specific certification or licensing required.

I want to enrol 5+ people. Can you help?
We offer organisational discounts and discounts. If you’re interested in enrolling 5+ people, please email us at to discuss your options.

What do some of our students say about studying with us?

How do they balance their studies with real life? How do our courses fit with industry? See what our students have to say.


Who to Contact?
If you have questions about courses, please get in touch with us at

If you have questions about payment or invoices, please email us at

If you’re a current student and need help accessing our online Student Portal or have questions about an assignment, please get in touch with us at